Friday, December 18, 2009

at last.

yo! yo! whts up y'all?

im home!!!!!!!!!!!! (bajet home sweet home)

lma nya x update blog....

kalaw on9 pown jz a quikie 1..........

quite bz at kmk........ last 2weeks i got fashion show practice rehearsal 4 chinese new year festival... they sja smbut awal. semgt kn dpa.

nw lega dh xyah pegi practice n rehearsal frm 730pm til 11pm.......... actly i dnt want 2 join bt they ask me 2 do so.......... yaa la i dnt want later ppl say i gedik tayang body... but since they force me, i pown join ja la... eventho im so damn bz with assignment,research(sex at an early age) n many more.........

nw kt umah nk on9.... xpyh byar......lma pown xpaaaa. actly byk bnda nk creta.........

ok lets start with i attend bolywood night at kmk... got karaoke hndustan..... i came with my very own punjabi suit tp x cntk pown. x stunning mcm org laen pown.. but i did enjoy th nite... mmg all out ah. night b4 i got my 1st smester result. mmg enjoy hbs mlm tuh takot kna kick out. lol.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ELC rOck!!

hello people!!!

its been awhile i didn't update my beloved blog aite......

busy wit 2nd smester..... assignment, research n bla3x....

but nw i wanna share sumthing wit u guyssss...

bout ENGLISH LANGUAGE CAMP i went on 19th til 20th Nov which is last thursday until saturday... at pendang lake resort...... stil at kedah...

on the day we nk bertolakkk.. my lecturer perli me "is it the smallest back u cn find?" HAHHA. my bag is the biggest n my frens keep on saying i nk p wat umrah kaaa... or nk dok kt pendang sbulan? hahha. whtever. u know me!

im so happy n enjoy my day overthere! explorace...write 4 laugh( toink thief)..talentime ( malaysian got talent!) hell funny.... n many more...

the foods r great too......(best part okay)

all lecturers r so cool n funny! we had our best moment there.... with 120 kmk's student....

i was in group 7, wit name the SEVEN ELEVEN..... cool name huh as our group consist of 11 ppl....

Our jingles are:

7-11 hot to go
hot to go
hot to go

its ok
its alright
7-11 fight fight fight!!!

my cheers;-

we dont sell slurpee
we dont feel sleepy
of coz we hippies
but where r we?
we're in ELC!!!
ho yeah??!!

i slept at dorm ALPHA 1..... dorm... at 1st i tot chalet. but tht 1 jz 4 lect. wink~

our group won best presentation...... n im proud coz im 1 of the presenter! hahha! best third group among 10 group..... but this 1 seems not fair coz i always late 4 the activities..... as i have difficulties in waking up early in the morning.... 4 god knows wht reason. kuat tdoq+pemalas!! however i xpnh late 4 kuliah at least 4 more than 15min. lol.

1 of my bff-ika went there too. =)

so lets check out sum photos taken!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

saja la nk habaq...............

sja la nk habaq yg i dh blk matric chgloooooooooon 4 2nd smester...
so dh xkn update blog.
n xdak masa...
nnt2 free i upload naa..
lgpown matric nih xdak wifi.
gla hlu smp xdak wifi.
nk guna kt cc mahai.
rugi duet.
baek bli lect note.
ok tc every1!
live life to the fullest!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

bintanG waLk.

today, 1st NOv 2009 is the 1st tym in this holiday i wake up 810am oke. i mean bkn bgn solat then tdoq blk or bgn jz p toilet sat then tdoq smp tgh hr. ni bgn betol2 then mata bulat ajaaa.

SO bgn2 tuh i on9 jap...... tgk nenek msk kt dapur... tgk jaaa. tya kt nenek

me: nenek, masak apa hr nih?
nenek: xtaw lg. nk msk gulai ker asam pedas?

me: msti la kari nekkkkkkk......... (smbl telan air liur).. lgpown pksu kn ska kari..(alsn xbley blaaa) (tlg phm cucu nenek org penang)

nenek: eh paksu kau x ksah laaaa... dia ok ja...
me: eh x la nek...paksu suka kari laaa.. betol. (msk je la kari.. dh 5hr xmkn oke sjak mai KL)
nenek: awl kau bgn hr nih?
me: nk pegi teman zuan(cousin) shopping.
nenek: kt mna?
me:xtaw lg nek. nek nk ikot ka? jom aaaa..
nenek: ada sale ka? (muka excited)

me: xdak nekkk. blom lg. christmas nnt br ada sale (muka rsaw smbl tipu sunat)
nenek: xpaaa. p lah elok2 stgi

(fuh lega... bkn apa... nenek aku nih shopaholic ok... sorg2 dia pown layannnnnnnn~)

me:nek... kari tuh kari apa?
nenek: kepala ikn
me:marvellous. tuh ikn pari nk wat pa?

nenek: bakar ja.

me: bagus2. wat ayaq asam skali taw nek... sdap oo...

nenek: amboi bab mengarah num 1.

me: ala mcm nenek dia laaaa... (gelak setan)

oke. actly bgn awal psal nk p bkt bntg ngn zuan... dia nk shopg apa ntah... so i jz nk temaN dia.. teman jaaaa. betol. so at 10am i kejot dia bgn... at 11am we lunched coz nenekn her maid dh msk suma siap(save cost kami).

so at 1130am km b'tolak ke bb. naek rapid kl smp kota ryaaa... then we walk til reached bb. xrs letih coz rmi org jln....n nt so far. 1st place is BB plaza... dia carik2 brg... while im looking for chanel insipred beg in hot pink color..... u guys knw aite which 1?

tp since bargain i xmnjadi, so dpa xmaw kasi murah n i xmaw bli. bluek! jalan2...... bli gelato.... chase hp zuan..... n bla2...i xbli apa lg psai cm xtaw nk amek apa...... tiba2(climax) t'nmpk salon tuleih rebonding(loreal)+treatment(shiseido)=rm200.. mata aku mula x b'kelip...... mcm menarek jaaaa. murah pown murah... kt ACUTABOVE smp rm300....... at least here i cn save rm100. not bad wert.

so without hesitation, 3hours i used 4 rebond n treatment..... while zuan pegi bli sweat shirt at vintageshop. afta im done, we went to pavilion(dh taw xmmpu mai jugak) ala biaq laaa.. xdak sapa taw poket aku dh ksong. hahhaha. jz look around.. actly my leg so damn pain... jalan merata sgt. dh la wedges to x is pain.hell yeah!

b4 blk, lepak kt arabian street station mnum ice lemon tea. actly nk tumpng berteduh jaaa. hujan plak tym tuh... then by 710pm we took monorail then blk rumahh.. by 830 smp.

tired but fun! blk tuh mkn puaih2 then mndi n ressssssssssssst.

Friday, October 30, 2009

suNway pyrmd! im cOming!

hahha. today i woke up at 1pm. tuh kra awl laa.

i lunched. nenek msk. she's vey fussy til didnt let her maid cook 4 main dishes.

i phoned ACUTABOVE to do apoinment 4 rebonding........ but engage all the time. about 7times ok. n im giving up. so at 3pm i went to pyrmd. i dnt wear revealing cloth today coz all 1 want to do is to pampered my hair at salon. jz wanna do rebonding. no shopping. no lepaking. so i jz wear knee length black cotton legging with loose grey shirt witout any additional accessories n also black wedges. n i jz bring my purse. thjts all.

its gud to c my 2nd home again afta about 2months. n a few new shops such as COTTON ON which jz open today. wtf? so i lah yg rasmi td........... hahha. n JASPAL sumthng. ISLAND sumthng. n a few at asian avenue.eventho i straight away go to tht ACUTABOVE, i cnt stop my eyes mingle around looking at at the shops.

okayh back to my only mission to go pyrmd. nk wat rebonding laaa. hummmmmmm. frustrated.
all appointment full. only have on monday at 11am. sunday n saturday they xbukak. adoi... dh la this monday i hv to go vacations 4 3days 2nites with my gurlfrens at PORT DICKSON, ilham beach resort. we hv been planning ths b4 our semester break.... hurm...... how? idk.

okayh since i cnt do ma hair today..........i stil hv plenty of times to look around my 2nd home... jz look around oke. window shopping. thts it.. anis ,u r really sucks in promising urself huh. so from 330pm til 7pm, for god knws wht reason, ive bought sumthing 4 myself. jz 4 myself

red colour synthetic leather handbag from MNG-rm199
oversize sunnies from COTTON ON-rm50
silver colour earings from FOREVER 21-rm9+rm15

total amount of spending for today=rm273

4 the conclusion, duet nk wat rebonding sudah hbs. penat 2bln kumpul ikat perut. nk kumpul punya seksa. tym hbs, sat jaaa. hell yeah. pdn muka! so my appointment on monday seems hv to be cncel. n 4 2nd smester, my hair will b very ugly. pkai tdung laaa jwbnya.
ey chill laaa. i pkai tdung bkn nk menunjuk rmbut. so jgn hipokrit. if nk pkai tdung, must sincere, not bcoz ur hair is uglayh silayh.

at 7pm cmtuh smp rumah. mndi. mkn. on9. tgk the nanny at 12pm,wjb. same routine goes.....

Thursday, October 29, 2009

here i AM

yo peeps! i jz arrived to bandar sunway this evening...........

went here from penang by bus, then lrt then commuter then bus again... tired.

in the bus, i jz spend my time watching twilight n max payne. lame gilak i br nk tgk. hahha. actly i dnt like teenager's love movie.. i prefer sumthing in actions...horror n comedy. my fav movie 4 nw are GI jOE n the talking of pelham 123 n also fast n furious. vin diesel u r killing me! damn! y u r sooooo fuckg hot! there's sumbody in m'sia looks like him? oh pls! i want u! anissssssssssss.... stop berangan ok.

ok lets cntinue. as i b'tolak from penang sentral aka jeti at 9am...... i arrive kl sentral about 330pm. had my lunch at subway...... i cnt eat to much. coz this morning im hvg diarhea(do i spell rite? wteva) in the bus, i got ask the driver to stop coz i want..... u got wht i mean. afta lunch, direct went to my grandma hse. at PJS 9/20 bndar sunway....

skema kn aku? msti laaaa

konon wat suprise laa kn. then nenek cm bsing i dtg senyap2..... dia risaw. ala relax ar nek....... kl ja pown... pdahai hr tuh dh sesat skali. maloooo. hahha

so i met my beloved young cousinss.. two of them. they r having exam rite nw but muka xstress lgsg! boys2. as i chit chat wit ma nanny... she told me about grandpaa. i knw she's been missing him so much.... aku plak yg emo cm nk ngs. my grandpa so rock. he the 1 who buy 4 me nail color n make up stuff since i am 5years old... im his 1st grandaughter. i do miss u also Wan!

then when my grandma had her dinner prepared by her maid, i took my bath..... then i heard my pakngah called nenek.. tya khbr sumthng. then nenek told him im here. then he invite me to his hse at johor.... thnx pkngah 4 inviting... next tym ok. i do miss pkngah's fam also. they r very nice to me nt like my 1st uncle n aunt. blagak gila ok. n sgt garang lah konon. yeah perfect fam u guys huh.?

okayh cut the crap...... my weight! i lost 4kg n im underweight rite nw! mom ask me to put on weight. i hv tried but i dnt feel like eating...... but luckly in my grandma's freeze, there's a moist choc+toffee cake! so delicious! but i took slice n im full. wht is wrong wit me? c'mon......... i dnt want end up dying lack of foods n nutritions. hell wit it.

afta gossiping wit my cuzie...... so-called-exaggerate-gossips n look 4 his blogshop web. omg he is so creative n his sense of fashion is WOW. u knw whts his ambition? wanna stdy at new york but grad at paris? dude. ill always support u.

ok then all i hv to do nw enjoy my last2 tym of hol b4 i go back to kmk 4 2nd sem.............. whtever it is, sunway pyrmd im coming tomoro!

Monday, October 26, 2009

MAID of HOnour


today i suppose to be maid of honour of my mom's bff's nephew wedding.... phm ark? mak i punya kwn baek punya ank menakan. ok?

we knw each other dh lma da. even her siblings n nephew pown i knai dh lmaa... since i darjah 5 kot. ehhe.

but i went there LATE! bcoz y? bgn lmbt daaa.... daddy punya psal lah nih. psang movie left 4 dead kt i mlm td..... n satu lagu horror movie x igt nma... nwadays my nite life is watching DVD or on9. no more studying at the moment coz im having 3weeks sem break maa... lgpown nk study apa. next sem suma pkai buku baru.

ok. bout the wedding party. yest i went to the gurl's side. at her hse at sbrang jaya. i followed my mom's bff go there. help her touch up the bride. tht gurl is Siamese. same like my grandma n my mom. kra i nih mekong2 lah gak en. at the knduri we mkn2 then chow. lauk kenduri tuh sgt sdap. mskn kmpg mmg the best laaaa.

the next day which is sunday 25th oct, the day i suppose to be maid of honour tuh.......... i bgn lmbt. so i arrive tht kenduri at 2pm sumthng..... the brides pown dh b'snding...... xpa. xdak rezeki. lgpown dh slalu jd pengapit nih. org kta sapa slalu jd pengapit nnt dia lmbt khwen? bgs laaa. amin~ hahha. if jd ank dara tua pown i xksah kot. jnji i nk ada stable n gud career.

tht kenduri was held at the dewan perda.... coz the guy's side live sumwhere in BM.
wat kt dwn cm sng kn. catering ada. kalaw umah mst ssh sket nk kna kemaih2. hahha. malaih sgguh aku nih.

k laaa. malas nk creta pnjg.... so here of sum the picsss.........

Friday, October 23, 2009

FAShiOn adVIsoR~

halo(beyonce xdtg,i gnti na) hahha. cnfirm xdak sapa nk mai lah anis oi. wah lma nya i x update blog.

ok2 jz nk gtaw yg im having sem break rite nw. 3weeks!(taw la sat jea) tp xpaaaaaa.. stil hol. hahha

so nw jz lepaking at home. bt today i did when out to jusco. at perda. wit my junior neighbor. she jz finished her pmr. so she want me to company her 4 shopping n b her fashion advisor as she adore my style. gosh. kak anis besa ja laaaa.
b4 she n her mom come n fetch me, my mom said tht im so skinny and as me to put on weight which i replied big NO NO to her. no way mom! i prefer to b slim n slender from a chubby 1. coz not suit wit my face n height. lgpown i want to maintain myself wearing XS clothes. hahha smp bila i cn stil wear it. let us see ok. ya lah coz i eat a lot. A LOT.

so we went 4 a few shops afta we had our lunch(my 2nd lunch coz i already ate at home. wink~) frm 4pm to 8pm.... so fast time moves. xsedaq kot dh few hours. i jz bought 3pairs of earing to be match wit my kebaya n baju kurung 4 ths becoming knduri of my mom's bff's nephew.. got it? maid of honour. yeah whtever. she bought 2pairs of blouse n a pair of wedges on my advice. hahha. bajet stylo sgt lah aku nih. k then b4 we went home sempat dinner plak. eventho tiring but enjoy lahhh.

so here some pixa. malas nk update suma. =)

Friday, September 25, 2009

raYa-ruN this towN

hello peeps! hows raya going on??!! i hope every1 is enjoying ur raya n this 1 week holiday so called lah kn..... ketupat rendang kueh bahulu.......... igt takat tuh ja lagu raya tuh. pndai2 lah u all sambung oke.

n its STIL not too late to wish u all


ey jap2... run this town? apa kena title lagu rihanna fear jazzy nie ngn my entry? owh ya lah kn raya.... mna org dok umah sgt.... mesti pegi raya2 ronda2 sna sni en... apa2 ja lah..

actly frankly speaking this raya i cm xdak semgt n x prepare sgt... 4 myself lah...
i punya xlah semgt smp mak i balot ketupat i tgk sja... dia msk pown i xtlong. buat kueh lg la x. lg 2hr nk rya br blk umah. matrik cuti lmbt.thts y xdak semgt (alasan xbley belah~)

even baju rya pown mak i yg uruskn... esk nk rya baru p amek bj...... as usual 3psg 4 every year...suma wat baju krung moden... psai baju krung besa dh byk ma.. simple2 jea... i taw baju korg2 cntk2 en.........

paling x best i xdpt posa penoh this year... kurg 1 hari n u all knoe y kn. gurls. n bcoz of tht xdpt p smbyg raya n seterusnya bgn pukol 11 di pg raya. apa punya ank dara.. sah2 x tlong mak kt dapor. mmg pown. mom so sorry kakak gettin lazy n lazy n lazy these days... n u prepare every single thing n of coz u r super mama n thts y i love u indeed. (bodek)

ok nih i nk crita hows my raya days going on.. lame gilak aku br nk crita skg! wht to do bz maaa...

1st syawal-bgn2 trus mndi psal my neigbour dh start dtg n im stil in the nite gown. baju raya dh iron mlm td.... cey iron siap2 ooo...(aku iron sndri sumpah) tahun nie baju kaler hjaw sama syg.. afta mndi n make up n kemas2 sket then sms nadia.... lps mkn ketupat n rendang n lontong n whtsoever kt rumah, p rumah ndia.... then sheera dtg gak.... every year kami raya skali psai aku xdak kmpung(i dnt ever cnsider bndar sunway aka my grandma hse as a village)... ndia plak kmpung pak dia kt bgn ajam sjaa.... tym cuti pnjg br dia blk sabah kmpung mak diaa... sheera plak kmpg pdg benggali(kentut pown ley dengaq)

as usual kami gedik2 tgkap gmbq.xyah tggu hari rya... tiap2 hari kami menggedik. sesama kami ja lah.. lepak smp petang kt umah nadia, then umah aku then umah sheera.... mkn jugak lahhh.

mlm raya eny n nana mai umah ndia, then dtg my hse, then all of us went to eny's crib.. afta then they went to nana hse but i malas nk ikot psal nk jmpa my syg..... must beraya wit him coz byk dosa kt dia... ehhhe....

thnx bg b duet raya(best part)! muahx love u. tp kesian him saket gigi on hari rya n not really raya as all his fam blk kmpg alor setaq.... u know young man dpa nih mlaih dh blk2 kmpg... same goes to him.
2nd syAwal-bgn2 p umah eny ngn ndiaa... lunch sna coz she buat open hse... sumpah mee udang mak dia sdap. mak aku plak masak nasi tomato.. msti lah sdap. tgk mak sapaa.... ngengenge...

then ptg aku wat apa x igt... yg taw mlm tuh teman syg p MCD jmpa geng bikers diaa. apa lg double cheese burger 1 set lah.. itu sronok couple ngn neighbour. tiap msa leyh jmpa en.

3rd syawAL-my relatives dr KL dtg.... family tokteh n family toksu.... today my mom msk masakan kmpung... smbang2 dgn my aunts yg umur lbey kurg sja tp ikot pangkat they r my aunts... afta tht my old friends, amira najihah aka mya zulkifli drop by kejap coz nk amek her brother kt my hse........ my mom suroh family dia masok dlu tp they r rushing blk kl.. mya dh b'tdung skgg.. even she jz come back from city of fashion(milan lah), she stil can dress sopan2 n paling best pkai tdung plak tuh....alhmdulillah..... kalaw aku lah yg dok milan, xtaw lah apa jd kt aku... i mean dr segi appearance n dressing lahh.. rambut aku msti x serupa org punya....psal aku bab2 dressing nih daring dn sosial lahh... sexy tp behave. bajet fashionista... bajet sja yea.... aceyh! duduk m'sia ja tp dok dress terok2. ngok aku nih~ mya.... she's huge...... time tgkp gmbr ngn dia, aku sedar betapa terbantut nya aku nie... mya oi.... dh tggi tuh pkai wedges lagiiii... ni yg aku dgki aku pendek. benci2. ptg tuh pegi rumah faiz jap raya ngn kakak2 dia n his parents.then mlm tuh, i went to smkdob's reunion with my neighbours..... sumpah x p dh reunion afta this! gang vateran ja suma....xlah suma tp majority. malu arh. tp xpa... i dpt hadiah misteri... n sumore my neighbour yg blanja fees dinner tuh.... kt hotel seri m'sia bertam kepala bts.. acey kpala bts sdh maju.... ada hotel tuh.....

4th syawal-owh yea hari nie gathering dgn member2 soksek(reunion kecik) kt sunway carnival mall... b4 i went there, shikin+hifni n safwan dtg lunch spageti kt my hse.... they r my friends tym kt dato onn... thnx 4 coming... smbg2 lepak2 then diorg blk....... kt sunway, i smp plg lmbt. jnji kol 1pm tp kol 3pm br smp... so sorry! they wait me at pizza hut n we all hv lunch overthere. 2nd lunch aku. hahha. mkn jer keja. then snap2 photo, smbg2, jln2... aku p popular bli test pad setelah setahon x masok popular. and then tadaaa..!!! shopping time! inilah masa t'baek utk shopg since sygku xdak, n my parent or sibling or spa2 ja yg ska bebel kt aku xdak. im aloneeee........ member2 soksek sudah tdak tahu kemana. ehhe.

so i went to body shop buy some small stuff.... then 3pc of shirt from esprit as well as soda n voir... bli tshirt besa2 a nk pkai dlm rumah... agk sale lah jugakkk... di sebabkn i wear skyscrapper gladiator 10cm heelnya, kaki aku saket glaaa kot! then at 9pm i arrived home... fuh agk penat but i did enjoy my day.........

5th syawal-mom tya smbil melihat aku memakai tshirt baru yg aku bli smlm "kak kau nk p mna nih?" n i menjwb "ish org x p mna laah. ni baju rumah la mom".... mak aku dgn muka x puaih hati jeling aku...... "bazir duet ja taw..." laaa.... pa2 ja lahh... hbs tuh xkn nk pkai kaen batik dok kt umah........ mom sndri xpnh pkai kaen batik apa tah lg aku...... hurmmm...... ok2.. mom pesan kt aku jgn p mna2.... psai nk wat BBQ mlm nie.... actly we want to throw BBQ party to my australian aunt stella which nk dtg my hse today.... tp since dia xjd dtg, myb next week baru dia dtg coz tgh renovate her hse at brisbane... my malaysian uncle aka my paksu dtg sorang ja todayy without her australian wife... even she x jd dtg, my parent stil want to do BBQ party 4 us n neighbours n friendss... so ptg tuh i start smsing my friends n neighbours, inviting them.

my job today is buat coleslaw n capsicles.... yes im good in both of tht kt dapor sebok mask laksa..bihun....n bla2.... mlm tuh BBQ start at 830pm... rmai jgak lah org dtg... sapa x dtg mkn2 rugi lah coz my dad punya BBQ perggghhhh.... idk how he marinate those chickens,lambs n fish but it taste like heaven! sumpah sdap! no1 can resist lahhh... sapa nk diet pown x jd diet. xpcya, try! btw he is not chef oke. he's realy good in western food. buat sandwhich pown dh ckup dh. layannnnnnnnnn~

6th syawal-last day homie coz esk tuh nk blk dh.......blk mna? mana lg kalaw bkn matric terchenta.(yeah rite) so today jz pcking2.... n lepaking wit fams.... then at nite, went to sunway crnval again.. my syg bw i shopping since i xbli apa kt QB hari tuh... hahah pdahal dia xtaw rya keempat hari tuh aku dh shoppng sakan! aku pown ngn selamba wat muka kesain la. i nk bli kasot flat adidas wrna pink nih cntk gilaa tp xdak size... last2 bli wedges kt nose n wht else? tshirt sket n mkn2 kt thai cruisine.. btw thnx honey 4 cheer me up on my last dayy.... gonna mish u lahh!

7th sYAwal-my neghbour,tetty ajak pegi amererian aceents nk pegi amek furniture dia kt penang n she promise to send me to jetty so tht i blk matric trus afta tht,,,,, aku dgn baru bgn kelam kabot siap2 then angkot luggage skali... afta p stu. p fella design.. sumpah rumah tetty nie lawa n englisg sytle gilaa! taste dia sgt tggi n she didnt married eventho sgt cntk.. i bet she's too fussy. afta she shop furniture, we went to GUrneY plaza.. i bought a pair of primavera heel n cntact lense n shirt at padini. dan lagi membeli belah. haiah..........

n its time to blk matric yo!! bubye suma2! ooppssiiee afta this i might not update my blog since my final exam is around the least korg xpnat bc i dok merapu... takot gilak aku ok exam coming.
ok thts all~
last words: enjoy ur life to the max!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

qB-blk wit tgn kosong kot!

last friday....... went to QB wit faiz(my bf), nini(my sis) haikal(my lil bro) n zuan (my cousin)..

dgn hrpn:

a pair of oxford booties or peep-toe pump from ALDO

skinny jeans from GUESS

blouse MNG or TOPSHOP

handbag hot pink from FOREVER21

but end up buying zero stuff. xbli apa lgsg! sumpah xdak pa2 lgsg! penat aku kumpui duet slma 2bln. benci QB. ntah. n aku mcm xdak nfsu in buying anythng.

tu lahhh.. sapa soh shopping lmbt... mmg lah dh xdak pa... ntg left oke.

nk wat cm na.. matric cuti lmbt.


adek2 aku yg bli sakan..

aku xshopg apa 4 this raya...

then p pcfc.... tgk LEVIS GURL pown x rs mcm nk2. yg bli hr tuh pown x pkai2 lg... hurmmmm..

so raya je laaa...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

buSaNa muSlimaH!

last saturday........................... kolej kediaman seri laka aka block C kolej matrikulasi kedah organize busana muslimah.... i xmasok lahh psal i blok B maaa... kalaw boley masok dh lma dh aku dftar diri! but on tht day i jadi "mak andam"... nite b4 tht even rmai lah gurls matric dtg blik i nk pnjam heels lahh... handbeg lahh(actly beg pegi kuliah aku kot tp dpa nk pnjm jugak!) my baju kebaya bla2 bla....

roomate aku berkta rmai sgguh tetamu aku hr ini.. mereka dtg tnpa di undang... trus cr kt blik coz they dnt hv my i said in te last post bpa kerat ja taw num hp aku.... itu pown yg aku rapat... tp aku sket xksah diorg nk pnjm brg2 aku... aku bkn jnis kedekot maa... im good to evryone! hehhe

then nk di jdkn crita.... tym hr event tuh... a few gurls dtg suruh aku make up..... knw wert? i bgn kol 1pm on tht day! dh la tdoq awal.......... diorg dtg2 trus kelam kabot aku bgn n mndiii coz kol 2pm nk start dh...... yg chinese masok wakil wing masing2 pown kna pkai tdung........ almaklomlah busana muslimah nmanya..

afta tht... i went to dwn besar wit ikaa... my new friend here. jz close wit her 4 3weeks. but she's great.... she's rock! free hair gak! =) dh la satu paras ngn aku... blik pown x brapa jaoh.... anythng dia dtg cr aku n so do i.............dh la from subang.... nnt aku p rumah nenek aku mst lepak skali punya! venue sunway pyrmd lahhh!! hahha. xble belaaaa......

rmai gurls pegi tgk busana muslimah n i jz nk support those yg pnjm brg2 aku tuh.... tp asyk terdengar ja org dok ckp "tuh kasot anis kn?" "eyh tuh bkn baju anis ker?" "beg anis lah tuh!"
hurmmmmmmm.... brg2 aku pulak yg feymes... nsb baek bkn event BUSANA ANIS. duh.
yg tgh ni 1 of the gurl yg i make up~

fashion show tuh kra menarik laahhh jugak.... mcm2 style ada.... some more so colourful! n suma cntik2! but stil ada yg x biasa catwalk n they looks funny when they posing. jht aku ni kta kt org.. apa ko bajet ko model ker anis? hahha. dh tym tuh i dok ats jd spectator....... suka hati lahh nk gossip apa pown. ehhe. not much laaa.. bln puasa maa..

pemenang this busana muslimah aka puteri seri laka mmg ptt menang..... she's pretty. n pndai ckp. mmg layak lahh. kalaw u all nmpk lahh, yg hijaw tgh tuh. dia lah winner.

hmmmmm... i think thts all kot. bubye!