Wednesday, August 17, 2011

ma dead blog is back aliveeeeeeeeeeeee !

HOMAIGADDDDDDDDDD dh lamooo gilooooooo x update blog! been busy yeahh hari2 kuaq sana sni. mkn itu ini smp xdak time nk tuleihhhh. eh nk type. haaa normally ill wrote my things @ fb. yeah i log in fb every day even once a day (when im too bz outingss)

having 3months of semester break is kinda awesome. i just sit n relax, sleep late wake up late then go out n out, shopping and shoppingss. eat. eat.eattttttttt. lepaking ang gossiping. and went to kl 4 a few days. meet up with good friends of mine. my babes my bff.

went to camp himpunan @ USM. sort off patriotic camp. UUM give last minute call n ask me to go camp the next day. thank god im in penang tht time. eventho jz 4 3days but it was fun !

went to kenduri kawen of neighbours. cuti2 kan mst ramai kawen so mkn free mmg rugi ar takpii. dh la nasik minyak sdap! mkn2 truih belahh. thts my style haha nmpk sgt pi nk melantak bkn nk meraikan majlis muahahahaha unless my mom force me to stay with her fierce face. she knows ady i dnt gv a demn to the neighbors. they crap bout me like a lottt mannn.

i ride to kl with my bf coz teman him track day @ sepang ! piuunnnngggggggggggggggggg! saw lotsa of superbike n gets eargasm. haihh i wanna have superbike also! cpt la kerjaaa. nak nak ducati! hahahaahah *berangan lah woii* he really had fun n sweat like a pig. tgh hari plus full suit so thick sumore black color. kind of self saunaaa not self service oke =p hahahahah

play futsal one time. cuti lama tp bersukan nya sekali jah mna lah hg tak gemok anis oii. mkn hari2 tp sukan nk setahun skali jea. very the unhealthy way laa. all gurls futsal sesangat lah gedik uolls~

i pet a rabbit. 3 of em. suppose to be 4 but 1 dead. not left 2 only coz 1 missing in action. (count it urself n yeah ur math sux haha) every day i feed em with good vegies n palletes. clean their cage n dry their poops to be baja for my mom's flowers. i also give it to my neighbor for free! *sedekah itu amalan mulia* hiihhihi

met my bf almost everyday. texting each other smp tktaw nk text apa dah. haha. sat gadoh sat baekk. very the drama lah! sinetron ka telenovela ka all lahhhh. tp tiap hari sayaaaaaaaaaaang. *ececeh jiwang gak aku nii*
*my sweet lil sis playing with my bf*

i gain weight like seriously im fat now yawwwwww. i eat too much ! n sleep to much ! everyday my status is all about what i eat (its a must) what to do i love food maaa. org masa puasa ni kuruih but me ? haihhh tp mcm x rsaw plak bdn naik. even almost everyday my bf perli. i was like, "ada aku kesahh?" mueheheeheh

the latest of meeeeeeeeeeeee ! color my hair into ash green. i really like the color eventho my bf said it was hijaw taik lembu. shaddapppppp. my hair wert not urs. haha!

HEHEHEHEHEEH mcm synopsis kannnnn? shorten up my so called unfortunate events 4 this few months. so many pic to b upload but im lazy. so many story to be told but im tired of typing. will continue some other time lahh oke. *like who cares? kann?* hahahaha sja la syiok sndri. kopi teh ayaq soya mmpoih pii kt sayaaa! wakakakakkaka take care til we meet agaaaaaaaaaaaaain !