Friday, January 15, 2010

9am to 9pm



jz wanna share wit u guys where i hv been yest......

lets start with kmk fella plan to go hang out at kl 1st venue is klcc but then chge to ts........

so dh kbetulan im here, i join laaa.

so on 13 jan i went to kl central from monorel taman jaya. my cousin fetch me there on her way to HELP at 9am... thnx her a lot!

awal kn i kluar? i bet mall mmg x buka lg la... but who cares? duh

as i arrive there, me n diba had breakfastat MCD. morning talk also! kinda gossip.
ok i dnt want to skip the part i t'slap tegur org. i tot its diba, look same from behind. i touch the unkwn girl's shoulder, smbil ckp "hey u......."

n she stare at me like hell... all i cn say is sorry!!! i tot u were my friend!! n cpt2 chow dr situ. damn! so embarrassing!

afta 2 hours "breakfast" at MCD................... we get ourselves to monorel again to TIMES SQUARE.....

tggu yg laen smbil walk around.... then meet them! playing bowling....... 2games.. then
walk to bb plaza+sg wang plaza...

then went to pavilion.. shop a bit. a bit jaa. eat at pizza hut. i eat sushi tht i bought at giant *sempat lagii...

afta tht walk to klcc 4 photoshot. actly we hv it everywhere. mmg every1 feel free to pose. hahha

at klcc we take a lot of pic from ieqmal's dslr then stop n eat at burger king.. then jln2......

and at 9pm, i take monorel to bck home my aunt;s hse at pj... as well as everybody get ass home... wht a tiring day but fun!

4 more pic, go to my fcbook n myspce okayy.

p/s; cnt wait 4 tomoro! sunway pyrmid im coming!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

19th bdaY of mine =)


jz a quick update.

this year my family didnt throw me BBQ party like usual coz none of my bff is here..... n they seem busy 4 this 2010......

so i jz went to THE SHIP 4 bday dinner wit HIM.

thnx dear 4 splendid dinner.

this pic from my camera bt then battery fin.

got some more in his hp.

we ate mushroom soup, escargot, sirloin beef serve wit brocoli n potato bake wit sour cream.. then napoliato spaghetti n lastly brownies(walnut moist choc cake)...

okay stop about those food. im not gonna make u guys hungry. lol.