Wednesday, December 29, 2010

new haircut 2011

tommorow im going to AcutAbove, Sunway Pyramid to get a new hair cut! xpyh buat appointment bcoz hair stylist tu knai i sgt. 3years plus dh dok buat rmbut kt dia. ptong rmbut la. highlight color la. perm la. so she know me best. cuma when im in penang n desperately wanna do hair jah i x wat kt dia. msa im in kl i mst pi buat kt dia. heeee and pnh hr tuh i kt dlm parkson, she tegoq i. i x prasan her. i jln lju gila. then dia tarek tgn i tya khbar n all. so sweet of her. she's sabahan. hot gila even dh 40 plus! she cuts n color her own hair. i pnh tgk dpn mata. expert gilaaaa!

okay2 back to hairstyle i wanna do. i search image at google image td. under HAIRSTYLE 2011. got 5 photos yg i berkenan sgt. but ignore the hair color. just wanna follow the hairstyle. but still hv to choose which 1. i know i am no one to talk about it well this is just my opinion. lets start with this 1.

1) this 1 look kinda cute but stil rugged a bit and messy. suitable with her face but will it perfectly fit my face? idts~

2) aaauuwwww this gurl sumpah sweet! sweet gilo rmbut dia mcm ni! xpa la muka dia pun sweet santeks. i klaw wat mcm ni jgn hrp sweet. mst sewel on me T__________T

3) wahhhh comey lah amoi nih. nih asian look n style psai kat caption gmbq tuh kta mcm tuh. heeeeeeeee cntek kn. color rmbut pown cntek. mcm nk dark purple. tp muka i yg tembam tuh buat lgu ni sah2 nmpk lgi tembam kn! LOL

4) ok this hair looks elegant tp nmpk matured sgt. for adult okay la. kemas jah rmbut ni

5) last but not least. gggrrrrr! lol. rugged gila rmbut mcm ni! stylo sgt2! hahha ni klaw buat mcm ni mmg bajet pink im am rockstar la! hehe i wont dare to do this style laa. jgn rsaw. nk punk sgt japgi kna pelempang ngn nenek!

OK habeih dh 5 style yg i adore! actually i sja lah pompang2 ckp psai hairstlye 2011 nih. i sedaq diri kot. i x style lgsg. bergaya haram dak. pkai bju murah2 ja. sobso. i prefer my hair stylist decide how to cut my hair. x psai la nk tiru2 artis ka model ka. dpa tuh segak2. lawa2. mmg dpa wat rmbut lgu mna pown seswai jahh. i klaw pelik2 bkn jdi comel tp jd comot =.=

HAHHA hmpa kna tipu! wakakakakakakaka i nk trim fringe and rmbut cabang jah esok. x smpai 5minit siap aaa. penat pukoi kaki jah pi salon. so u all x pyh susah2 nk decide which hair style i better do psai i mmg nk keep my hair long. . sobsob dh bosan rmbut pendek! hahha bye!

Monday, December 27, 2010

second home im coming!

lol my 2nd home is referring to SUNWAY PYRAMID. muahahahahahahah i just arrived my uncle house, Bandar Sunway Petaling Jaya, on 27Dec2010 at 1250am. smp lmbt gila bcoz i went here with with bus. around 430pm bertolak from butterworth. i didnt know that today got football match MALAYSIA vs INDONESIA.

sepanjang dlm bus td i sleep like a pig. tp heran jugak y 930pm br smp duta. y so late. then i heard someone talking on the phone with her friends that sumwhere in Perak td jammed gilaaaaaaaa.pastu kn otw to bkt jalil, sesak gila! i saw lotsa car with flags and blabla. ada yg tahap berdiri ataih moto n kreta n jln kaki pown ramai. i mcm why so many people? nk smbut merdeka ka? tp date hari ni is 26Dec. hmmmm

so i ask the bus to stop me tpi jalan coz i wanna catch up lrt sri petaling. i cnt wait any longer. tht jammed is killing me. so i ran to the lrt station. rmai org jugak. then fine. i sit n relax hoping tht there's still ktm to subang jaya. suddenly when the lrt reached the next station which is bukit jalil, dayummmmmmmmmmmmm sea of people okayyy! like so fuckin many people at 1230am! all of em wearing yellow color shirts, and jersey. SUMPAH PENOH GILA LRT TUH DGN ORG2 WEYYY! YELLOW PEOPLESSS! normally klaw naek lrt at 11pm pown dh x rmai org tp today 1230am still rmai gila! klaw nk ikotkn lrt smp 11lebih ja kn. tp there must be something knapa lrt stil ada dgn org rmai gilak mcm ni

so i dare myself to ask this girl besides me. she's with her boyfriend. the only yg x pkai jersey including me.

me: urmm miss sorry for asking. why so many ppl here n wearing yellow color nih?
she: ohh! bola lah you. malaysia vs indon!
me: ohhh bila tuh? where? knapa diorg lwn? for fun is it?
she: yehh td lorr. at stadium bukit jalil. malaysia menang okay! 3-O! tp hari tuh indon menang. 5-1. hehhe
me: oh i see. thanks! hikhik
she: where do you from? you taktaw psal football match ni??? singaporian is it?
me: uhh no no. i came from butterworth. baru smp ni aaaa tv kt rumah rosak!
*okay tuh alasan plg bodoh penah aku bg! sumpah malu plus tersentappp! damnnn how i taktaw bout this! malu nya jdi rkyat malaysia mcm ni =.=

and then when i arrived bndar tasek selatan n switch to lrt to subang, stil rmai org kuning! then only i know ohhh team malaysia jersey kaler kuning. warna di rajaa. hurmmm. in ktm i text my bf.

me: syg u taw dak today msia lwn indon??? bkt jalil sesak gila!
him: u br smp ur grandma hse ka?
me: x smp lgi. dlm ktm. abg jan x ley nak amek. jam terok2. i smp bkt jll 11pm. sea of ppl wearing yellow color in ktm n everywhere!
him: u jga2 ur bag!
me: okay dear dnt worry i hold it tights. u taw tak psai bola ni???
him: tau dear...
me: knapa x bgtaw b? b smp tya kakak cntek dlm lrt td. then dia tya b org singapore ka. sentap!
him: lorrr.. thts y i kta jgn smp mlm. hmmm
me: syg taw dak b taktaw apa2. tiba2 dlm lrt td penoh org serbu
him: u tak smp lgi ka? mna da lrt dh tym mcm ni. byk org lgi ka?
me: ada ktm tmbhn. psai bola tuh la. ni b dok tggu kt kl sentral. byk gila org. ok ktm dh nk smp
him: ada kt kl sentral lgi? thats y i xbg u pi lewat2 haihhh. b carefull. beware of pick pocket.
me: okay syg i will. syg pi la tdoq dlu
him: xmaw. nk tggu u smp dlu

haaaa punya tak amek taw whats happening around me smp mcm ni skali. ill make sure starting tomoro ill read newspaper everyday! asyk fb jaaaaa mcm ni lah jdi.. if i know kl nk sesak mcm ni i mmg pi esk pgi ja. x pulon naek bus ptg td. hurmmm. i came bcoz i want to visit my grandma! baek kn i? muahahahahaha

whatever it is, SUNWAY PYRAMID IM COMING! HELL YEAHHH! muahahahahaha

p/s: sapa mai pyramid tak nmpk kepala singa tuh muhong sgt la! takpown....... ada la tuhh. nyawa pendek ka apa =p

Sunday, December 26, 2010

i am ME!

im not a silky girl..
imma silly gurl!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

fuck you manwhore!

just now i went to the hospital, KPJ Perda coz wanna visit my bf's friend who was admitted there due to accident. we went around 830pm. his hand was operated last night due to 3bones broke. hope he will get well soon.

the reason my of my entry is I REALLY HATE TO SEE MY BIGGEST FUCKING ENEMY, THE MANWHOREEE! not tht guy who accident. but his friend. n the guy tht used to be my boyfriend. USED TO. you know who =)

we hate tht dickhead like so fucking much! me n my bf cant even hear his name. we feel like stabbing him with anything sharp! but just now we have to face him at the hospital. he was there. my bf already remind me not to do anything like jeling him or what. just ignore him n act like he's not there. yes i do. i dnt even look at his scumbag face. but still my face is bahagia like always. but to see u is like having a nightmare! as bad as fake orgasm! real disgusting! until santa wont come tonight!

we hate him ever since of this and that. obviously i dont hate people for no reason. i dont discriminate but i do hate. as i said im the sweetest and funniest girl, just dont pissed me off. u mock ppl then u aspect people to like u? hell no! we are not stupid. we already knows everything! you can go die! im happy to dig a hole for u! with an extra snake inside! may u rest in hell! forever u dumbass! bigest jerk ever! MANWHORE (he may hv hiv coz he fucked everyone. sex slave!)

Monday, December 20, 2010

so yesterday~

psal semalam. i wake up at 1pm. awal gilak! tdoq koi 630am bgn koi 1pm. normally ill wake up 5-6pm. tp smlm bgn awai. i soh my mom kejot coz hv to follow my bf go knduri at kulim. his friend wedding. so nak tak nak kena lah ikot kn. bcoz the day b4 i ada ckp i malas nk kcaw he n his friend gather. but he said to me, "tak takot ka nnt da pompuan kcaw i?" haahahahahahahaahha alasan tuh la dia ska sgt bg when i xmaw ikot dia p mna2. sja nk bg i rsaw n feel insecure.

masa my mom kejot i check hp got 5 mc n 2msg. smlm jnji pi koi 12pm but now dh koi 1pm. so i cpt2 get my ass off go mndi n siap2. simple ja. bju raya last 2years light green color. long chain earing n sepit sanggul bunga kemboja. eye liner and lip gloss. xdak gmbaq. lupa nk amek. hehe

pastu go fetch faiz friend. kami pi skali. kt knduri i mkn byk oh. haha nasi jagung with ayam dua ketoi. daging. pastu mkn ice kcg. bihun sup. ayaq sirap. nice lah! kt kulim knduri tuh. so msa nk blk i tdoq dlm kreta. gila kenyang mcm ulaq sawa derr. tgk2 dh smp dpn rumah.

then we hv to rush to penang. got my family picnic at taman belia,penang. so cpt2 tukaq bju n faiz tukaq amek moto kami pown merempit ke penang. naek ferry psai tmn tuh blah gurney sana. suddenly we forgot the way to botanical garden. coz my dad says taman belia is sumwhere i BG. penang jam gila babi wey! nsb baek naek moto. idk y like so many people heading to btu fghi there. dr area gurney jam mcm gila! me n my bf dok ckp, "fuhh naseb baek naek mto, klaw kreta mmpoih"

kmi masok jln2 apa ntah tiba keliling2 penoh pkok besaq hjaw! can feel oxygen around us! kreta pown byk lalu stu. so me n my bf hirup lah udara tuh byk2! refreshing gilaaa! dh smp hjung kami pth blk nk sedut oxygen lgi! mmg sejuk yg best bkn mcm sejuk air cond! layannnnnn~

lps tuh we heading to tht taman belia. tara nk smp dh dkt koi 7pm. then my mom msg ckp nk blah dh. huhuhuhu xdan nk picnic ngn dpa. pastu kami tggu kreta my dad lalu kt dpn gerbang tuh. sempat jumpa sat. tu pown family dlm kreta. so kmi pown blahh. hujan sket. so kna merempit lgii.

b4 tht i wanna show those pics they all kt tmn belia tuh. yg my mom pgg baby tuh not my real sis actually. nma dia qasrina. my mom ngasuh dia. kami pggl dia kuntek! hehehee dia dh mcm adek kndung. my dad syg gila kt dia! even kami pown syg dia sgt2! hehehe

ada byk gmbq tp malaih nk upload suma psai gmbq i takdak! lol. pastu en me n my bf blahh. kami lalu dkt area pdg kota nk pii ferry. tgk mcm rmai org gila kt stu. kami pown pulon pth blk psai he said, "alang2 da ronda, ronda habeih2. satu penang kita ronda" hahha gila semgt. kami pown pusing la kt stu sat. then trigt every saturday and sunday ada culture event kt pdg kota tuh. ptot rmai org. org dok lepak n dating pown ramai. tp kami jnis dating kt mall, cafe,restaurant or rumah ja. tak pnh plak dating kt tmn ka apa en. mcm gelii. hahha

b4 pi kt tmn belia tuh, me n him kinda stuck kt gurney area psai kreta sesak gilaa. then i saw 1 car, fairlady silver color. melayu bwk. dgn awek cun kt sebelah. n i pown ckp kt faiz

me:perghhhh cun gila awek dlm fairlady tuh
faiz: psepa klaw bwk sportcar awek mst nk kna cun?
me: ha laaa u. gila pa dh pkai kreta n mto hbat2 tiba2 awek tak cun! rugiiii mmpoihh
faiz: awat i tak mcm tuh pown?
me: haa wait. wht u trying to say actually? Ooooo babi! hahahaha y u so honest??? HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

then we both gelak like hell! hahahaha kurang asam mia bf. slumber jah dok kutok! hahaha then he ckp he just kidding sja nk usik i. but i said la i know u mean it! hahahahahahah thts the best thing in our relationship. we can simply kutok each other n have hardcore jokes. coz we dnt mind n we enjoy it! XD

then kami pown nk pi kt ferry tp di sebabkn i malas nk tggu ferry so we decided guna jmbtn. jam pown dh x terok. skit ja. punya sejok la psai dh koi 8 lebih en. pastu dh smp seberang faiz ckp:

him: u i trigin la portuguese egg tart
me: haaaa puding pantat? jorhhh apa u merapu ni. gila lucah x senonoh!
him: ish i kta portuguese egg tart. pekak!

HHAHAHAHAAAHAH x bpa nk dgq psai ada ats moto maa. angin tiup kuat kot. huhuhu pastu kami pown pi smp 3 bakery! jmpa lah portuguese egg tart dkt maple leaf. mcm ni:

and he bought me 6pc of mini cheese tart and fruit tart. thank you dear. its extraordinary sdap when it comes from you =p (ayat bodek)

i smp umah koi 9 mcm tuh, then pi lepak ngn memey n zaza for gossiping kt kdai siam dpn rumah i smp 12 lebih. my mom cl n sms me bsing2 soh blk! hahha i cn go out until tht tym actually. loser kn. tp smlm is quite mcm2 la i buat. normally just mkn tdoq n on9. hehe

n then on9 jap. mkn bihun smbil tgk dvd jackie chan. i tak tw la creta bru ka lama. apa spy ntah. not bad la. i ska tgk creta lawan2 ni so ok la. then tgk creta superheroes apa tah. i learn 1 thing tht night

family is not all about whose blood u carry, but its about who you loves and who loves you~

Oh okay i gtg. its tym to supper n movie! =)

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Mat Rempit merupakan istilah kepada penunggang motosikal yang terlibat dalam perlumbaan haram, biasanya dengan menggunakan moto kapcai atau skuter. Ia merupakan satu gejala sosial remaja di Malaysia sekarang. Minah Rempit pula boleh jadi merupakan seorang pelumba perempuan, atau teman wanita Mat Rempit. Walaupun kebanyakan Mat Rempit sering berlumba, ada juga yang cuma menunggang secara berbahaya di jalan raya.

Mat Rempit biasanya berkumpulan dan akan berlumba di tengah-tengah kota pada malam hujung minggu. Mat Rempit juga telah dikaitkan dengan kegiatan gengster, rompak berkumpulan [1][2], pergaduhan, laku musnah, kecurian dan buli. Kebanyakan motosikal yang digunakan Mat Rempit tidak memenuhi piawai, ataupun telah diubah suai dengan banyak.

Malah ada juga Mat Rempit yang tidak mempunyai lesen sah, tidak membayar cukai jalan dan menaiki motosikal curi [3][4]. Kini, taman perumahan turut telah ditukar menjadi litar lumba oleh Mat Rempit [5]. Dianggarkan di Malaysia sahaja terdapat kira-kira 200,000 Mat Rempit [6]. Istilah Mat Rempit ini turut digunakan di Singapura dan Indonesia untuk tujuan yang sama.

Mereka beraksi pada waktu senja , malam atau selepas ibu bapa pulang daripada bekerja. Remaja ini mencuri kunci motosikal atau memberi alasan membeli barang di kedai berdekatan atau pergi ke pasar malam. Ibu bapa tidak sedar anaknya boleh pergi jauh sehingga ke Kuala Lumpur.

Mereka beraksi di celah-celah kereta yang penuh sesak di Kuala Lumpur untuk mendapat perhatian orang ramai. Di Kuala Lumpur jalan yang popular ialah Jalan Raja Laut, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman dan Jalan Bukit Bintang. Lebuh raya Lekas di Semenyih yang belum siap sepenuhnya telah mengorbankan beberapa remaja belasan tahun.

haaa yeahhhh hari ini i nk ckp psal MAT REMPIT. yg kt atas tuh definition from wikipedia bahasa melayu in google.

ni gmbaq amek kt google XD

why mat rempit? hurmmm rmai org suka ckp mat rempit itu jahat. tp bg i, jahat baek org tuh xdak kena mengena pown dgn agama,bangsa,taraf kehidupan,status mahupun jantina seseorang. jahat baek tuh ltak dlm diri masing2. xdak kena mengena dgn sesiapa pown. so kita x ley la nk discriminate org. siapa kita utk judge org tuh baek ataw jahat. especially org tuh x buat naiya kt kita. laen la klaw org tuh kcaw hdup kita en. nk benci ka apa itu sndri punya suka la

i had friends who is mat rempit. for me they are okay n i got no problem with em. eyh wait. how did u guys define mat rempit? as for me, those who wear motorcycles which has been modified a lil bit (esp RXZ and EX5) and wear rempit style with rempit slang. haaa mcm tuh kot i define mat rempit. lgi2 klaw they admit they are my rempit. klaw kt fb yg ltak gmbq moto semata2 kt profile pic tuh sah2 mat rempit! haha

actually i bkn nk puji or kutok them. cuma nk ckp my opinion regarding mat rempit. for me rmai org misjudge about rempit ni. mcm kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga. come on. not all of em are bad okay. y i said so? i penah kena ragut hp ngn mat rempit. ey jap. y im so sure its mat rempit? sbab pkai moto ex5 kot dgn pkaian mcm mat rempit. see? this my our mentality. nmpk ja org mcm tuh dh agk mat rempit. we cant judge ppl from the appearance aite. i kna ragut msa kt tmn robina msa tuh br blk jogging kt pntai. so kt pntai tuh mcm rmai mat rempit lepak. the whole gang rmai2 lepak stu. i dnt blame them much psai mmg i careless masa tuh. i pgg hp smbil sms while jogging. its like i trigger him to snatch my hp. hmmm. n another story is mat rempit pnh tlg from this pervert old man. masa tuh kt kdai i tgh bc magazine, suddenly come this old man dok ckp merapu2 kt i. dok ckp body lawa lah apa la. gersang la. i takot gila plus terkejot. x pdn ngn tua pkcik ni! pastu i nmpk sorang mat rempit br trun dr his RXZ, nk masok kdai nk blik rokok kot. then i ikot mamat tuh ckp "abg tlg sat pkcik tuh dok kcaw ckp merapu" mat rempit tuh truih pth blk pastu ckp, "ang dok kcaw adek aku psaipa?" truih pakcik tua tuh blahh. i pown kayoh bskl blk. muahhahhaahha spoil mood i bc magazine jah pokcik sangap tuh

its so hard for me to judge ppl actually. i do friends with everybody. me and my bf klaw nk pi mna2 pown kami akan naek moto ja. bkn superbike ja kami naek. scooter and kapcai pown kami naek gak! tym hujan jah nk kreta! tu pown kdg kami tibai naek moto even hujan2. naek kreta jam la apa la. naek moto ley cilok sana sni. for example atas bridge, kami naek moto dh smp seberang, those yg naek kreta tuh suku pown belom. muahahahah mmg la naek kreta selesa la selamat la. eh selamat? naek apa pown blom tntu slamat. kpl terbang kt ats nuhh pown ley crash. so nk ckp soal selamat ni apa pown x selamat klaw nk ikot. dok dlm rumah pown mcm2 ley jnji tmbhn la bila kuaq rumah en. kdg bnda tuhan nk bg, mna boley elak. sndri maw igt lerr.

oh yeaa. my dad pown naek moto hari2 p keja. bwk pown laju jaa. is him a mat rempit? hahha my dad bwk mto dr zmn skolah lgi. tokwan dh bli mto kt dia masa dia form 5. pastu zaman keja pown hari2 naek moto. jiwa riding tuh mmg dlm diri dh sebati. same goes to my bf. suka ride! kreta ada xmaw naek sgt. mcm my dad msa kuaq ngn family on weekend br dia bwk kreta tuh. so i pown dh biasa dgn moto2 nih. sbb tuh la jgn ckp suma mat motor ni mat rempit. rmai ja bwk moto psal nk cepat and jimat kos minyak n tol =)

oh yeah kita slalu dgq kn kes pompuan kna rogol rmai2 dgn mat rempit. i tell u what. suma laki ada nafsu. klaw dh gatal sgt pompuan tuh kuaq mlm2 dgn org yg x brapa knal, pergi tmpt bkn2, mmg sah2 ah kna mkn! dh tahu laki ni gatal, yg pompuan tuh pi ikot kuaq tuh psaiapa? klaw pompuan tuh x kuaq dr umah, xkn la ada org nk kidnap plak en. so sndri lajg diri. org kt dunia ni mcm2 jnis. so dua2 salah. dh tahu nma PEREMPUAN so jga lah diri kerana berisiko di rogol oleh sesiapa sahaja. and and masa jln sorang2 tuh jgn la pkai sexy2 coz klaw apa2 jdi x dak org nk protect. laki mna x geram tgk pompuan pkai sexy2? nama pown LELAKI =)

haaaa lgi satu, bab2 lumba haram. yg ni mmg mcm tak patot la kn. buat kcaw kt tgh jln pagi2 buta. satu bsing, satu lgi membahayakan pengguna jln raya yg laen. i know u guys nk lumba. tp masok track mahal sgt bayaran dia. so nk wat mcm mna kn. terpksa guna jln raya. nk tggu event pown bkn byk. hmm for me as long as tak melibatkn kemalangn jiwa tuh ok kot? heeeee
cuma ada skali tuh polis hmbat geng rempit ni dok lpak kt dataran merdeka kot. msa tuh me n my siblings br blk lpak kt uptown. so kitaorg sja lah ronda2. msa i dlm kreta tuh la i nmpk polis dok halaw mat2 rempit ni. i mcm wtf? knapa x ley lepak stu ka? alaaa dpa kn laki biaq pii la nk lepak smp 3-4pg pown. hat betina2 dok pi kelab mlm smp dua pgi tuh psepa x halau? kn bahaya pompuan pi tmpt mcm tuh mlm2.

ssh tak jd mat rempit uollss? org asyk pndg pelik n tduh bkn2 kn. tp as long as jiwa u all ni jiwa mto n xkcaw hdup org, ckup la. biaq la apa org nk kta. jnji u all know who you are. yg i know not everyone of u are bad. alaaa igt budak2 universiti suma baek2 ka? they might be genius tp prangai diorg blom tntu baek! n those yg mat rempit mcm xdak ja yg bdk kolej ka apa. rmai ja kn budak poli la uni la. sama ja. cuma beza nya dpa bwk moto loqlaq sket =p

heeee ni agak2 mat rempit zmn batu dlu kot? XD

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

im not lying!

okay now im going to answer this questionnaire which i got if from kak nadia's blog.
i think its kinda interesting! but im not being tagged for it tho =.=

Instruction : Once you are tagged , answer all the questions honestly . No lying or cheating :D

Starting time : 6.32AM *bgn awal kn i? tak tdo lgi duhh*

Name : Norhazatul Anis Binti Norzalee *sebjik dlm ic oke*

Brother(s) : 5. 2oldest.(abg fifi and abg jan) 3youngest.(shah, ajoy and ekai)

Eye colour :brown! my dad's gene eventho not tht brown when im inherit it T________T

Shoe size : 7/8. besaq en?

Hair : medium length.

Piercings : 11holes. but wear only 9holes

What are you wearing right now : my grandma's maid tracksuit and my sister's tshirt. XD

Where do you live : taman wira, telok ayaq tawaq, butterworth!

Favourite number : 1,7,17

Favourite drink : lime juice. *potong lemak*

Favourite breakfast : nasik lemak and roti canai! *slalu nk dua2. sukaaaa!*


Broken a bone : not yet =p

Been in a police car : not yet =p

Fallen for a friend : hurmm. not sure.

Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : sometimes kot?

Swam in the ocean : yes. *swim lah sgt*

Fallen asleep in school : almost everyday. LOL

Broken someone's heart : not tht kind of gurl. coz i dnt know how and i dont dare.

Cried when someone died : depends. LOL

Save e-mails : yeahhh. always. got 3 folder. *works. entertainment and anyss*

Been cheated on : yup. once for now. hate him like hell. will forget it but not forgive *evil grind =)


Your room look like : tongkang pecah. sumpah semak wey!

What is right beside you : my cousin.

What is the last thing you ate : nasik lemak at RNR Tapah. bley tahan sdap aaa. rugi bli satu =.=


Who did you last yell at? : i always yell duhh

Who was the last person you danced with? : dance mcm mna?? dance merapu ada la with bff nadi and eny! check out here!

Who last made you smile : dont know


What are you listening to right now? : nothing

What did you do today? : wake up at 230pm. then online until my bf come see me at 730pm. 630pm visit my neighbor and at 9pm went to KL

Are you the oldest : 3 over 8

Indoors or outdoors : both but more to outdoors lah for sure!


Talk to someone you like? : yeppp

Kiss anyone? : nooooo

Sing? : tiap saat

Talk to an ex? : hell no

Miss someone : kindaa

Eat? : of coz derr


You talked to on the phone? : my bf. around 845pm

Made you cry? : haaa my bf ler

You went to the mall with? : bff. eny and nadia again

Who cheered you up? : lotsss


Been to Mexico? : tak

Been to USA? : tak


Have a crush on someone : damn! msti la

What books are you reading right now? : facebook. lol

Best feeling in the world : the 1 i crush on talk to me! and when sum1 made me laugh

Future kids name? : eleanor and norafrinafri

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? : never ever!

What's under your bed? : x pnh check pon =.=

Favourite sport(s) : none

Favourite place : malls. hahha esp in bb!

Who do you really hate? : ihsan ismie and affie mustaffa

Do you have a job? : jobless

What time is it now? : 710AM. *while fb i did this*

Saturday, December 11, 2010

final exam~

haaaaaaaaaaaaaa. takot tak? grrr! i hate quizzes,test,finals and etc that have to answer by myself! stock yg kna hafai jwpn suma2. sumpah x suka! i hate mesmerizing! i dnt hv high IQ like you do. i malassssssssss gila nk bc. hafal lgi lah takk =.=

zaman nk ngs2 xley jwb exam ssh dh berakhir. last is on pmr last time. hahha zmn spm fucked up gila pown boley tdoq ataih paper. masa form 4 dh start setan n malas blajaq. p class pown dok lena. tiap hjung minggu, khamis smp ahad i blk bworth. home sweet home tiap mggu woi. haishhhhhhhhhhh~

oh yeah i just finish my 1st semester degree exam. wey mcm x caya im doing degree! err x mcm student uni yg laen pown. haa actually exam patot nya dh hbs last two week. but since we had to postponed our exam bcoz of the flood. kedah bnjir terok hmpa suma taw dak? dok hari2 pompang2 kt brita nuhh. eventho uum x bnjir. but still student yg blk 4 study weeks (around 10k) cannot come back to uum bcoz all the road in jitra and aloq staq has been closed. so exam postponed 4 2weeks. dlm hati i, "dok postpone2 apa taktaw. cancel truih lah alang2." hahha punya anti lah kt final exam ni.

1st paper is principle of economics. the most i-fuckin-hate-subject for this semester. i swear i dnt even understand once what its all about! x phm lgsg weyyy. dgn xdak basic seciput pown. like come on man! dari darjah empat smp ke matric dok blajaq sciences jahhh. mna nk pii taw psai ekonomi2 nih. tgk cr i bazir duet pown dh taw mmg xdak ekonomi punya org. boley mcm tu?

pluss carry mark 4 this econs mmg down low! not even half okey! assignment for groups i do alone. i dnt friends with any1 in econs class. i dnt know any1. i just dnt care. bcoz my heart n soul wasnt there. like flying up up here we go. (current addiction of rocketeer song by far east movement). n during mid term i just circle all the answers randomly. i dnt read and i dnt give a fuck. thts y my carry mark SUCKS! now i just pray 4 a miracle to happen. so tht i pass my econs n no need to repeat tht goddamn subject next sem.

2nd paper is hubungan etnik. BORINGGG. haaaa kelas ni mmg byk gilo ponteng. i simply ask my roomate to scan student card 4 my attendance. kelas ni dh la pukol 9am! i slalu 3-4am br nk tdoq. mmg x smpat lah nk pii kelas ni. tp masa awal2 sem hari tuh my lecturer ada suroh we all bli buku teks dia. kecik ja pown malas bc. so b4 the exam i bc lah skit2. skit jahh. so during the exam my overall i dnt know wht the hell is the questions all. mcm x pnh dgq jah suma tuh. tp muka rilek bajet taw suma. maen bulat2. pastu lgi setengah jam i kluaq dewan. CONFIDENT KAN? hahha pergh

3rd paper is marketing. i like marketing! like not love. means ok lah this subject. i never hate it like i hate econs. marketing is a fun subject. all i need is think logically. is like i dnt have to understand much. just think the answer from the question given. fun oh! tp tak lah senang pown until i can score A. cuma failed tuh tak mungkin kot? even tak study 1 haram n lecture masok 2-3 kali pown i got 65 during mid term. not bad aye? haaa lgipown my marketing lect relax gila. cr dia ajaq pown mcm menyembang. n she already put all the lecture notes in portal. just amek jah kt stu. all chapter! so mmg x pyh kalot i nk p class. hihihihi

ni buku marketing. hr tuh sja tgkap gmbq b4 p class marketing. sexy kn buku ni? mcm magazine! but its price is 62myr!

after tht marketing exam, i hv 10days gap b4 the next paper. so my parent came n take me home with half of my stuffs. half ja psai tak muat bonet kreta. plus my youngest sister and brother ikot. so 10days gap tuh mmg x study lgsg! boley lepak ngn mmber n dating hari2! gila x sedaq diri got 3papers some more. suppose to be study week b
ut i dnt act like one. sighs~

so dekat 3weeks dok kt rumah. buku haram x pegang. slide show lecture notes haram x belek. eventho just perlu click2 jahh. punya la xmaw blajaq. on9 jah gheja. klaw offline tuh means im not at home. PERGI MENGGEDIKS. plus dating. yeah thts my fuckin routine every single day. my mom ckp i buat rumah mcm hotel. just a place to sleep! well said. hahha even mkn kt rumah pown jarang. pastu bila my mom x masak i bebai. gila unfair kn. kesian mom dpt anak annoying mcm ni. selfish oh. ish2

4th paper is kenegaraan. subject teras universiti! this subject is about history of malaysia. for short, sejarah aaa. haaa boring lah jugak. masok lecture ni = Zzzzz. haaa tdoq jah gheja. 3jam wey! mmg cangak pa lgi. masa exam maen bulat2 pastu
kuaq awai. nice

5th paper is management math. dpt lecturer foreign. mamat arab. muda lgi. bley tahan handsome. tp slang dia ckp homaigodddd. susah nk phm wey! so jd x bpa best class dia. taw2 la hardcore slang arab. pelik munyik! masa assignment, i buat sorang2. dua kali. dh la lmbt htq psai taktaw ada assignment. check2 portal tgk br taw then kelam kabot buat. soklan punya byk. org buat 1 group but i do alone. well xdak kwn nk wat mcm mna. dlm class dok sorang2. lone ranger bebeh! masa exam math xdak sapa kuaq awai wey even Chinese. soklan sumpah susah! i dnt rmmber those formula. dok igt zaman spm dpa bg formula T_______T plus masa tak cukup. 2hours and half mmg x ckup! i need 4hours! or just lemme bring tht paper back to my room. CONFIRM BETOI SUMA LAH! hahha my wish~ tp kn part paling x ley blah ada 3gurls ni, masa i dok jlan nk pi kt bus stop lps kuaq exam hall, dpa buleyh dok sembang dpn i. ckp "eh senang la soklan td. aku jwb semua n sempat check blk suma. rs boley jwb sgt la" then sorang lgi, "eh soklan last tu sama x jwpn? eh sama lah" i mcm nk jerit, "wtf! hmpa suma ley diam dak? perlu lah habaq suma ni? ggrrrrr! sja btoi bg i takot. klaw btoi pown ley buat xpyh show off la wey. those chinese yg IQ tggi pown mengeluh masa jawab td. pppfffttt~ however it is, "Dear maths, Grow up and solve your own Problems"

i found this pic at google image. hahha lawak aaa. jwb mcm ni mmg nk cr nahas! klaw math mcm ni jah kn syiok!

last paper is biology! i kinda love biology! coz i learn is since i was form four. so rs cinta kt biology ni ada lah! heh. but the saddest part, i wake up late. exam 9am i wake at 845pm! how great..... after mandi, pkai baju trus chow. turun2 bwk tgk bus n prebet lgsg xdak. so i walked miles away. jaoh kot! 10minutes jugak lah lari2 anak. tp agak bertuah when half of my way ada sorang pakcik bwk land-rover uum nih ajak tumpang. dia kesian tgk i lmbat. thanks pakcik! jasa pakcik di kenang! dh laaaa lmbt masok exam hall. smp2 br duduk kt krusi dua minit, perot plak buat hal. rs nk cirit sgt2. so i pown ask permission to go toilet. toilet plak jaoh smp kna tawaf dwan br jumpak. so setelah selesai hajat, masok blk dewan. tgk jam dh 937am. soklan satu hram tak jwb. so i pown start menulis. by 11 tuh suma classmates dh chow. tggai i sorang. tu la lmbt lgi. paper bio not bad. even tak study boley lah jugak jwb. ada jugak la idea nk hentam apa.

hehhe itu lah final exam i. mcm2 ada. hmmm ghasa2 ada 2 paper nk kna repeat next sem. gulp! takottttttttttt. hrp2 tak la. huhuhuhhu but for now, all i know is i wanna get wasted! like i said.......

KITA ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

about marriage.

naddy tag me this questionnaire! so i did it n wanna share with u guys! *btw i just merapu half of it oke. dnt call me gatai merla or what pls. hahha

1. How old are you?
19! but next month 20! huaaaa not teen anymore~! =(

2.Are you single?
in relationship. for 4years ady oke! sigh~ XD

3.At what age do you think you’ll get married?
earliest is 27 kot. kot? wtva~

4.Do you think you’ll marrying the person you are with now?
hell NO bahahahahaahahahah

5.If not, who do you want to marry?
vin diesel please.

6.Who will be your bridesmaid & bestman?
my current boyfriend. *kejam tak?

7.Do you want a garden/beach or traditional wedding?
traditional for sure!! imma kampung gurl what T_______T

8.Where do you plan to go on honeymoon?
Paris or Milan or Rome

9.How many guests do you think you’ll invite?
everybody on earth! *bajet anak perdana menteri lah*

10.Will that include your exes?
whose my ex? o_0

11.How many layers of cake do you want?
7layer but i want 3 cake oke.

12.When do you want to get married, morning or evening?
evening la. psai morning mna bgn lgi. afternoon br bgn

13.Name the song/tune you’d like to play at your wedding?
stick with you-pussy cat doll. *sweet tak? hahha

14.Do you prefer fine dining or just normal spoon & fork?knife?
mkn hidang dok bersila pkai tgn sudaa~

15.Champagne or red wine?
red sirap. boleyh?

16.Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
lps tok kadi dh sah kn tuh truih tarek my hubby masok blik la! itu lah motif kawen. kenduri laen hari proceed. bahahahahahaahha

17.Money or household items?
money,car,furnitures,house (pan house or castle) BHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH MMPUIH LAKI AKU

18.How many kids would you like to have?
none. i love kids but not for me derr

19.Will you record your honeymoon in DVD/CD?honeymoon record?
haaaa skali ngn make love i record. pastu juai. agak2 ada org nk bli dak? laku dak? HOMAIGODDD hahaha

Sunday, December 5, 2010

im going back to UUM ady.

will not fb-ing.blogging,ym-ing ang skyping 4 a week bcoz of the finals.

i have 3 more paper to go. study haram dak. mmpoih dahhh.

however, pray 4 me okay. thank you. and take care!

will see u around after this!

Friday, December 3, 2010


yo yo ssup?!

last thursday is 1 of my big time ever! me and my gurls really enjoy our day!

oke lets start with nadia gv me morning call. 820am mcm tuh. my mom picked up the phone and tlg kejot i. everybody knows how hard to wake me up in the morning. coz normally i wake up at evening =p

so cpt2 bgn n mandi and pkai bju. rmbut pown tak sikat make up lgsg tak. i get my ass to kitchen to get some sandwich. ltak dlm Tupperware and go to nadia hse. dekat sjaa.

i pkai formal gila. hahha nk teman nadia keja kt teja craft wedding hse ma. kira mcm aku pown keja jugak lah =.= actually bju2 p klaih suma dh bwk blk so i pkai jah heheheeh

abah nadia fetch us there. p amek dhlia then p tesco. teja hse kt stu. teja hse tu nuraini yg punya! nadia keja stu sementara cuti but me and dali sja teman nadia since nuraini kna p airport amek abg nadia which is her boyfriend.

so smp2 kt teja hse, nadia bukak kdai n arrange those stuffs and kami pown breakfast sandwich yg i bwk tuh. kami pown dok la smbang2 gossip tiga org. i bring my lappy. konon boley on9 lah smbil teman nadi. skali suma wifi kt tesco tuh ada password. harrey btoi. so kami pown dok camwhore la guna webcam. very typical lah kn.

actually byk lgi. tp agk2 nk upload suma en. we had a looooooooooooooooooooooooooong chat. kt tesco surrounding not far from teja ada bomba sumthing buat even idk what the hell event is tht. tp nmpk rmai kiddos tomey2 dok jln2. i was like apa budak2 nih buat kt tesco. jln rmai2 smbil pegang tgn. ter kedek2. rupanya2 masa i nk p toilet bru taw ada pertndingn mewarna 4 kindergarten kids. under bomba even tuh. i mcm apa kna mengena bomba dgn warna2 nih? fire drill sudaaaa.

after that dahlia bgtaw chai nk dtg. our schoolmate aka my classmate masa form 1. partner in crime kami tuh. he come n lepak 4 while with us. he belanja us kfc sorang 1 set! hahha jimat duet lunch aku. hahha thanks chai! its good to see u again after years. dlu kita lah troublemaker kt dato onn. pengawas plg gila babi kn hahahahaahahahah i miss that moment like hell! btw do ur best 4 stpm!

n then masa chai nk blah dh nuraini n abg nazrul smp. berseri gila muka dpa. 1st katakn. hehehe
so sweet both of em. pastu abg nazrul blk rumah. kami 4 org pown camwhore lah puas2 thru my webcam. taraaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

gmbq kami suma ada 89. byk kn. padahai gmbq dpn webcam jah kot? lol right after this PHOTO SHOOT. dahlia pown kuaq ngn kwn dia sat. tggai kami tiga org. i soh ernie make up my eyes. tgk make up kit tuh besaq n ada mcm2 stuffs. so eny edit my eye brow. dia ckp my eye brow mcm hutan! haha lma tak ckuq. sebulan dh kot. tiba2 nadia amek bnda tuh n did it for me. sumpah saket! hahha rs nk terkeluaq kulit kening. ganaih minah ni oh. so eny buat smp kening i nipis n kemas. nice hehe. tgk la muka layan those make up stuffs

eny mmg pndai make up. dia blajaq kt US n kl last tym. so i pown suka lah dia make up kn. eye lid bronze gitu. kelass uols. hehehehe eventho is not a full face make up, just eye and lips, rs best ada org belek2 muka! bkn slalu en. skali skala xpa la. hehhe

n then kn. lps dh make up. syiok lah dok camwhore again with nadia. nadia pkai lipstick color red cntek gila! so sexayy! ha la dia puteh melepak. i pown pkai tp buruk kot! mcm bontot ayam. boleyh? apa2 pown nadia comel gilo!

so heres the picca again!

pastu mai satu tahap kami dh xdak keja sgt. kami dok record video miming lagu2.
1. alejandro-lady gaga
2. like a g6-far east
3. rude boy-rihanna
4. airplane-hayley feat eminem
5. i like that-luciana
n so on

we gone wild and crazy. dok wat gaya ntah pa2. n our climax is when we wanna learn how to dance zapin from eny. so i ngn nadia ni mcm anak murid aaa. nk berzapin tp jd laen! hahha eny pown mengarot skali. kami record video. i upload it on facebook. rmai bg respon! haha dpa kata lawak la gedik la. well kami gedik among kami jaaa. so what kn? heheheh

after that me n nadia kepenatan psai maen byk. mula2 nadia tdoq. dia susun kerusi dua pastu lie down. i tdoq kt meja. bkn ataih meja la. just letak tgn kepala n ataih meja. alaaaa mcm dok tdoq msa ckgu dok mengajaq kt kelas la. mcm x besa plak!

pastu bila nadia dh mangkit, i plak smbung tdoq. siap buat lapek meja jd selimut. tdoq maw tak maw punya. sat kaki krekot sat terlunjoq kuaq. dah x pduli org tgk ka apa. dh la pkai skirt. terangkat naek ka apa bkn sedaq. tdoq mmpuih miaaaa.

pastu bgn2. dahlia dh ada. she dtg blk. dia kuaq sat ja. me dali and nadia pown sambung sembang. creta hantu pulak n talk about our hostel. nma pown student kn. we let eny n abg nazrul date. dia tggu kami hbs n at 1030pm eny n ndia ttup kedai so kami pown blk. dlm kreta suma mcm sengap. jd passive psai penat kot. bkn penat keja. tp penat dok merepek meraban!

i really enjoy my day with my girlfriends! thanks a lot nadia dahlia and eny! i love u guys sooooooooooooooo much! best friend forever okay!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

fort cornwallis~

omg after 19years it was the 1st time i went to fort cornwallis.

ni salah satu markas perang kt penang dlu. zaman francis light i guess.

for more info tlg google sdn. bhd. okay.

went there with nabila.

nk masok sni rm2 each. for adult. kids rm1. its freakin hot n we sweat like pig

actually ntg much but not bad la. ada tinggalan arkeologi and meriam2 zmn dlu. plus prison

xmaw ckp byk, tgk gmbq k