Thursday, February 18, 2010

we Are nOt rich but We r haPpy!!

hellO pretty shiNy peOple!!!

its been along time i didnt update ma blog... i hv no time tho. normally i jz on9 4 fb...

but todAy i feel like sharing with u guys about my 1day trip to taipingg... taiping,perak ok. bkn taipei china.. dkat ja pown kn.. i went there on monday, 15feb2010... from 11am til 12pm...

actly my dad n my mom bring us here as they want to show place they used to date..... as both of them live n met at taiping 25years ago b4 they get married... they hv been dating 4 2years b4 they got married.... when my mom is 19 n my dad is 20... awai gila kn dpa khwen. besalah org dlu2.. nk wat ank cpt2 kot.. thts y i hv young parent n so damn cool... so understndg esp my dad. rockiest dad ever! actly both of them was not born in taiping.. its jz they live there 4 while n accidentally met there...

so as we get out from hse at 11pm n reach taiping 1hour afta tht, 1st place we went to is ZOO TAIPING. agk2 time dpa bercnta dpa p tgk haiwan or haiwan yg tgk dpa? hmmm.. actly zoo dh x sronok mcm dlu.. zmn kecik2 p zoo byk ja bunyi bsing2 from animalss. but nw manusia yg mai lg rmai dr bnatang..mmg xbley baaa.. we all x naek train.. jln ja psai klaw naek train mmg xdan nk usha binatg aaa. train tuh dpa bwk punya lajuuu... driff suma ada.. dh la satu sgkar sekoq ja bntg. wtf kn?

oh yea. we walk along the lake garden b4 we enter the zoo.. its a very nice environment... sumpah sweet gila tmpt nih. rumput dia cntk... lake dia byk tratai n kiambang.. sejuk gilaa mataa. agk best klaw date kt sni.. org dlu mmg la romntic2. bwk date p garden, pntai.... org la nie(aku lah tuh) dating2 suma p shopng mall.... p restaurant.... mcm xdak valuable sgt... psai when i go shopg mall, i will enter all the shop eventho im not buying anythng... n my partner is bz chasing me up... so mcm xbest kn dating mcm tuh? esp im being selfish. n not fair 4 him. tp aku geli aaa nk date kt pntai n tmpt seangkatan dgn nyaaa. mcm poyo ja. eeeuuuw. even pntai dpn umah aku jaaa. xbesa pown date sna except bwk adek aku maen playground. then klaw p restaurant, mkn.... tym mkn mna nk ckp apa sgt. mst la menikmati mknan kn.

ok back to jln2 tuh. smpt bebel plakk aku nih. afta p zoo... we stop 4 while at lake garden n eat ice creams... while watching the scenery.. so nice n peaceful.... best part is monyet merata trying to disturb us. aku nih dh la penakot... mmg x ter jerit2, "daddy2 tggu kakak!! monyet gilaaa!! mom2!! tlong!!" mmg suma org tgk aku smbil gelak2. penakot gila en... mst laa. xpsai dia attack aku naya sjaa. better safe than sorry. wtva~

then we went to air terjun near taman suriaa. my siblings ja mndi. aku geli sket bnda2 mcm nih. bkn demand or mengada tp mmg xska dirts mcm lumpuq suma tuh. so i jz sit n eat. we do kind of picnic here as my mom already prepare bihun goreng n orange juices besides some rations.

then we continue our jln2 to pekan taiping... a place tht my parent used to eat ice kacang... bkn org dlu laa. org baru punya tp tmpt stil smaa. omg so many choices of ice kacang.. xpnh dgq pown ada.. kalah hotel kott. hahha.eventho my dad said so many chnges in taiping... besides ice kcg(hujan2 bntai gak), i eat lksaa... sdap wei. tp mak aku msk sdap lgi. afta lpak there 4 1hour mcm tuhh.... we went to my dad's old bestfren at kamunting... tym kecik2 pak aku dok sna sat. ya laa.tok aku askar maa. pndah2 gak aa. then they story telling about their life when they were kidss.. maen basikal.. bola kt pdg.. mndi ayaq terjun.. pnjat maxwell hill... tgk wyg projector... so fun laaa kn. i knw the moment r so priceless to them.....

after a long chit chat n laughing..... my family n i went to this 1 gerai suggested by my dad's bestfren tuh.. know wert... prices 4 all food there r so fucking cheap... bihun=rm1. nasi ayam=rm1.70, satay=15sen, teh tarik=5kupang, nasi lauk ikn bawai+gulai+ulam+smbl blacan= rm5. mmg murah gilaa lah. kt tmpt aku jgn hrp nk dpt murah cmtuh. hulu2 chgloon pown mkn standard price.

then afta mkn2 we heading bck to home sweet home! at 12pm cmtuh smp!! wht a wonderful day ive been with my beloved family... eventho we r not reach we r happy.. n money cannot buy love!! love leads all the wayyyy........ so family 1st, bring ur heart home!!!!

P/s-kali nih lmbab gila nk siap blog nih sbab xpndai guna sgt macbook. ngok ngek punya apple. bnci2