Saturday, March 7, 2009


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gosh seriously idk how to save money. can sum1 caunselor me on tht pls? i just bought 2 pairs of levi's lady jeans today,7March at 9pm at levi's store sunway pyrmd, where else u expect me to go if not the mall-next -to my nanny hse. duh. my bro kta i ska bzr... biarlah my wert? eleh dia pown suka bzr ckp org.. pilih punya pilih at last i fell in love wit the jean wit swarozki crystal. aceyh..dh la colourful..taw2 la hrga dia pkai levi's gurl u all taw lah kn....happy2!

whO is hE?

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thiS maN mean a lot to my heARt... =)
he such a wonderful man in my life.....
yes i do in love wit him, so much.. i
never stop missing him... i am greatful
hvg him as husband-to-be.. he really
understand me n love me as much as he can...

~muhammad faiz bin zainul abidin~24years 0ld~loyal~caring~kindhearted
~handsome~naughty~funny~love sushi damn much~2nd gf is dota or myb
1st~cpt jealous~helpful~good in sport esp futsal~romantic~u'derstndg~

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