Saturday, April 17, 2010

dh hbs matric owh~

gmbq ni mlm last kt mtric. open table wit some of my bitchessss

like two days ago (on Wednesday) im done with my matriculation program..!!

i feel gooooooooooooooooood!

right afta i finished my very last paper of chemistry paper 1(bulat2 ja), i went to my room to get my hp psal nk suroh my dad dtg amek i nw. but tgk2 kt hp dh ada msg from him, "daddy ada kt kafeteria kita." so i dnt knw whre the hell is tht cafe. nk cl tp i xdak credit. so as i walk back to my friends, i show em tht msg n diorg pown ckp, "kt cafe C lah u. omg dh nk hbs smester pown i stil xtaw apa nma cafe. lol

so introduce my dad to ina n hanes. they said my bf yg dtg amek. well my dad handsome n look very young. some ppl xpcya he's my dad. xkn smp nk tnjuk IC kot.

then me n my dad p lah usung brg i boh kt kreta. ive told him to come alone n dont bring any1 coz brg byk. takot x muat kreta. kna mai 2trip plakk. then i went to cubicle to meet all my lecturers. ckp sorry n thnx suma then hug kiss sumaa. sebak kot, even 1 year rs terhutang budi gila kt dpa.

my dad so kind n cool as he wait 4 me about 2hours without any complaint. kt rumah i sorg x pnh pukol. even mrh pown xpnh. i sgt baek owh. i love my daddy!

then i tggu diba hbs exam paper business dia. b4 i go i sempat hug some of gang rmbut karat. mmg lah happy nk get a life from this chglun but stil gonna miss all the memory here. actly KOLEJ MATRIKULASI KEDAH ni not bad lah! i love my college n its content!!

at 12pm i chow. my dad n i went to duty free mall st bukit kayu hitam. border siam tuh. bpa km dr my place ja. as usual i go n get some chocs (murah laa sket). most people came here to get cigarettes n liquor. mmg murah byk. i bought some stuff here. including my mom bday present. G.VALENTINO handbag. branded stuff kt sni x byk sgt n xbyk choice. even perfumes pown normal rate. rokok n arak ja dpa bg murah. so duty free lah sgt kn.

me n my dad separate 4 2hours. masig2 cr brg masing2. then afta tht blk lah rumah. so otw nk blk tuh, i read magazine CLEO tht i bought jz nw. coz my dad jnis x smbang sgt. tya 10 jwb 1. so i pown bc lah magazine.

but we do share common things. i love hip hop songs so much. i listen to nigga song esp. so do him. in car he played this hip hop cd or only listen to hitz fm of fly fm. me n my dad love action n mission movie. mlm2 kalaw my dad xmaen game, we tgk dvd sma2. mst 2-3 creta. i hate love stories tho.

part plg xbley bla dlm kreta is i ask my dad lgu kiss me thru the phone nih dpa wat remix hindustan ka psal it sounds weird. then my dad geleng n ckp "brazil la. Pitbull nyanyi."
cisssss. malu nya. i plak tya my dad. patot nya dia yg tya i. xsmp 1 jam stengah tgk2 dh ada kt tol kpala bts. rs happy gila smp bworth. bajet setahun x blk. pdahai br 2mgu xblk umah.

so bila dh smp rumah, bwk kluaq brg dr kreta then malas gila nk unpack. laundry bag penoh bju busuk 4 1week. malas nk htq dobi psal xpkai dh those bju kt mtric. when it comes to bsh bju kurung via machine, i pretend there's no diff in its material. suma i sumbat dlm machine. buta kna mrh with my mom. lol.

ptg tuh apa lg. dating lah. hahha. tu ja kot on tht day. ntg fun. bubye