Saturday, December 11, 2010

final exam~

haaaaaaaaaaaaaa. takot tak? grrr! i hate quizzes,test,finals and etc that have to answer by myself! stock yg kna hafai jwpn suma2. sumpah x suka! i hate mesmerizing! i dnt hv high IQ like you do. i malassssssssss gila nk bc. hafal lgi lah takk =.=

zaman nk ngs2 xley jwb exam ssh dh berakhir. last is on pmr last time. hahha zmn spm fucked up gila pown boley tdoq ataih paper. masa form 4 dh start setan n malas blajaq. p class pown dok lena. tiap hjung minggu, khamis smp ahad i blk bworth. home sweet home tiap mggu woi. haishhhhhhhhhhh~

oh yeah i just finish my 1st semester degree exam. wey mcm x caya im doing degree! err x mcm student uni yg laen pown. haa actually exam patot nya dh hbs last two week. but since we had to postponed our exam bcoz of the flood. kedah bnjir terok hmpa suma taw dak? dok hari2 pompang2 kt brita nuhh. eventho uum x bnjir. but still student yg blk 4 study weeks (around 10k) cannot come back to uum bcoz all the road in jitra and aloq staq has been closed. so exam postponed 4 2weeks. dlm hati i, "dok postpone2 apa taktaw. cancel truih lah alang2." hahha punya anti lah kt final exam ni.

1st paper is principle of economics. the most i-fuckin-hate-subject for this semester. i swear i dnt even understand once what its all about! x phm lgsg weyyy. dgn xdak basic seciput pown. like come on man! dari darjah empat smp ke matric dok blajaq sciences jahhh. mna nk pii taw psai ekonomi2 nih. tgk cr i bazir duet pown dh taw mmg xdak ekonomi punya org. boley mcm tu?

pluss carry mark 4 this econs mmg down low! not even half okey! assignment for groups i do alone. i dnt friends with any1 in econs class. i dnt know any1. i just dnt care. bcoz my heart n soul wasnt there. like flying up up here we go. (current addiction of rocketeer song by far east movement). n during mid term i just circle all the answers randomly. i dnt read and i dnt give a fuck. thts y my carry mark SUCKS! now i just pray 4 a miracle to happen. so tht i pass my econs n no need to repeat tht goddamn subject next sem.

2nd paper is hubungan etnik. BORINGGG. haaaa kelas ni mmg byk gilo ponteng. i simply ask my roomate to scan student card 4 my attendance. kelas ni dh la pukol 9am! i slalu 3-4am br nk tdoq. mmg x smpat lah nk pii kelas ni. tp masa awal2 sem hari tuh my lecturer ada suroh we all bli buku teks dia. kecik ja pown malas bc. so b4 the exam i bc lah skit2. skit jahh. so during the exam my overall i dnt know wht the hell is the questions all. mcm x pnh dgq jah suma tuh. tp muka rilek bajet taw suma. maen bulat2. pastu lgi setengah jam i kluaq dewan. CONFIDENT KAN? hahha pergh

3rd paper is marketing. i like marketing! like not love. means ok lah this subject. i never hate it like i hate econs. marketing is a fun subject. all i need is think logically. is like i dnt have to understand much. just think the answer from the question given. fun oh! tp tak lah senang pown until i can score A. cuma failed tuh tak mungkin kot? even tak study 1 haram n lecture masok 2-3 kali pown i got 65 during mid term. not bad aye? haaa lgipown my marketing lect relax gila. cr dia ajaq pown mcm menyembang. n she already put all the lecture notes in portal. just amek jah kt stu. all chapter! so mmg x pyh kalot i nk p class. hihihihi

ni buku marketing. hr tuh sja tgkap gmbq b4 p class marketing. sexy kn buku ni? mcm magazine! but its price is 62myr!

after tht marketing exam, i hv 10days gap b4 the next paper. so my parent came n take me home with half of my stuffs. half ja psai tak muat bonet kreta. plus my youngest sister and brother ikot. so 10days gap tuh mmg x study lgsg! boley lepak ngn mmber n dating hari2! gila x sedaq diri got 3papers some more. suppose to be study week b
ut i dnt act like one. sighs~

so dekat 3weeks dok kt rumah. buku haram x pegang. slide show lecture notes haram x belek. eventho just perlu click2 jahh. punya la xmaw blajaq. on9 jah gheja. klaw offline tuh means im not at home. PERGI MENGGEDIKS. plus dating. yeah thts my fuckin routine every single day. my mom ckp i buat rumah mcm hotel. just a place to sleep! well said. hahha even mkn kt rumah pown jarang. pastu bila my mom x masak i bebai. gila unfair kn. kesian mom dpt anak annoying mcm ni. selfish oh. ish2

4th paper is kenegaraan. subject teras universiti! this subject is about history of malaysia. for short, sejarah aaa. haaa boring lah jugak. masok lecture ni = Zzzzz. haaa tdoq jah gheja. 3jam wey! mmg cangak pa lgi. masa exam maen bulat2 pastu
kuaq awai. nice

5th paper is management math. dpt lecturer foreign. mamat arab. muda lgi. bley tahan handsome. tp slang dia ckp homaigodddd. susah nk phm wey! so jd x bpa best class dia. taw2 la hardcore slang arab. pelik munyik! masa assignment, i buat sorang2. dua kali. dh la lmbt htq psai taktaw ada assignment. check2 portal tgk br taw then kelam kabot buat. soklan punya byk. org buat 1 group but i do alone. well xdak kwn nk wat mcm mna. dlm class dok sorang2. lone ranger bebeh! masa exam math xdak sapa kuaq awai wey even Chinese. soklan sumpah susah! i dnt rmmber those formula. dok igt zaman spm dpa bg formula T_______T plus masa tak cukup. 2hours and half mmg x ckup! i need 4hours! or just lemme bring tht paper back to my room. CONFIRM BETOI SUMA LAH! hahha my wish~ tp kn part paling x ley blah ada 3gurls ni, masa i dok jlan nk pi kt bus stop lps kuaq exam hall, dpa buleyh dok sembang dpn i. ckp "eh senang la soklan td. aku jwb semua n sempat check blk suma. rs boley jwb sgt la" then sorang lgi, "eh soklan last tu sama x jwpn? eh sama lah" i mcm nk jerit, "wtf! hmpa suma ley diam dak? perlu lah habaq suma ni? ggrrrrr! sja btoi bg i takot. klaw btoi pown ley buat xpyh show off la wey. those chinese yg IQ tggi pown mengeluh masa jawab td. pppfffttt~ however it is, "Dear maths, Grow up and solve your own Problems"

i found this pic at google image. hahha lawak aaa. jwb mcm ni mmg nk cr nahas! klaw math mcm ni jah kn syiok!

last paper is biology! i kinda love biology! coz i learn is since i was form four. so rs cinta kt biology ni ada lah! heh. but the saddest part, i wake up late. exam 9am i wake at 845pm! how great..... after mandi, pkai baju trus chow. turun2 bwk tgk bus n prebet lgsg xdak. so i walked miles away. jaoh kot! 10minutes jugak lah lari2 anak. tp agak bertuah when half of my way ada sorang pakcik bwk land-rover uum nih ajak tumpang. dia kesian tgk i lmbat. thanks pakcik! jasa pakcik di kenang! dh laaaa lmbt masok exam hall. smp2 br duduk kt krusi dua minit, perot plak buat hal. rs nk cirit sgt2. so i pown ask permission to go toilet. toilet plak jaoh smp kna tawaf dwan br jumpak. so setelah selesai hajat, masok blk dewan. tgk jam dh 937am. soklan satu hram tak jwb. so i pown start menulis. by 11 tuh suma classmates dh chow. tggai i sorang. tu la lmbt lgi. paper bio not bad. even tak study boley lah jugak jwb. ada jugak la idea nk hentam apa.

hehhe itu lah final exam i. mcm2 ada. hmmm ghasa2 ada 2 paper nk kna repeat next sem. gulp! takottttttttttt. hrp2 tak la. huhuhuhhu but for now, all i know is i wanna get wasted! like i said.......

KITA ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

about marriage.

naddy tag me this questionnaire! so i did it n wanna share with u guys! *btw i just merapu half of it oke. dnt call me gatai merla or what pls. hahha

1. How old are you?
19! but next month 20! huaaaa not teen anymore~! =(

2.Are you single?
in relationship. for 4years ady oke! sigh~ XD

3.At what age do you think you’ll get married?
earliest is 27 kot. kot? wtva~

4.Do you think you’ll marrying the person you are with now?
hell NO bahahahahaahahahah

5.If not, who do you want to marry?
vin diesel please.

6.Who will be your bridesmaid & bestman?
my current boyfriend. *kejam tak?

7.Do you want a garden/beach or traditional wedding?
traditional for sure!! imma kampung gurl what T_______T

8.Where do you plan to go on honeymoon?
Paris or Milan or Rome

9.How many guests do you think you’ll invite?
everybody on earth! *bajet anak perdana menteri lah*

10.Will that include your exes?
whose my ex? o_0

11.How many layers of cake do you want?
7layer but i want 3 cake oke.

12.When do you want to get married, morning or evening?
evening la. psai morning mna bgn lgi. afternoon br bgn

13.Name the song/tune you’d like to play at your wedding?
stick with you-pussy cat doll. *sweet tak? hahha

14.Do you prefer fine dining or just normal spoon & fork?knife?
mkn hidang dok bersila pkai tgn sudaa~

15.Champagne or red wine?
red sirap. boleyh?

16.Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
lps tok kadi dh sah kn tuh truih tarek my hubby masok blik la! itu lah motif kawen. kenduri laen hari proceed. bahahahahahaahha

17.Money or household items?
money,car,furnitures,house (pan house or castle) BHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH MMPUIH LAKI AKU

18.How many kids would you like to have?
none. i love kids but not for me derr

19.Will you record your honeymoon in DVD/CD?honeymoon record?
haaaa skali ngn make love i record. pastu juai. agak2 ada org nk bli dak? laku dak? HOMAIGODDD hahaha