Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a WeEk in MatriC

11 may 2009- p matirk chaglun... kedah matriculation college was situated overthere..sejam lbeyh la dr rumah.. kra oke la kalaw nk blk every week.. hahha. register suma2 n dpt room 29 level 2 block b2... agk jaoh dr dwn kuliah n masjid but very near to cafe! yes2! hehhe. ey not bad la this cerok.. even xdak mall suma, but its a nice place.
11 may-15 may 2009: orientasi motivasi suma2 lah.... mentor mentee best.. lecturer sporting.. fasi anoying! others ok kot..
17 may-19 may-lecture,tuturial n amali starts.... yeah i got sains hayat...thnk god dpa xbg me fizik... canot go lah... then i pown pgi class wit bju kurung..hehhe.. wajib 4 gurls oke.. but can wear kebaya,punjabi n all the tradisional cloth... ya la nk p blajaq kna la sopan2 ma... thing bout lecture hall, kalaw dtg lmbt sket, mst dok blakang2... coz at 1 tym, 250ppl will be in da lecture kn..mkn kt sni xsdap.. i tot they will cook pure msakan kmpg, tp xpown.. xsdap then mahal plak tuh... adoi. n wht i hate about ths college is when i go anywhere suma student reading n revise as there's gonna b exam the next day.. durrrhh... skema gla suma org... pdahal class br 3days start, suma mcm dh pulon gla kot.. me? bley lah skit2.. xdak la 24-7 bc buku.. jam la otak i kalaw cm tuh
meet new friends especially geng free hair mcm aku.. xrmai sgt tp better least than none! hehhe.. thnk god so far xdak sapa tegur my hair yg highlight ni psal actly rules say canot... but seems like nobody gv a fuck kn.. so everybody like buat hal sndri since praturan x la ketat sgt...xmcm wat i pk tym b4 dtg sni dlu... sumpah matrik nie best even jz a week im here...

this is adiba... jz call her diba. from gombak, skolah mrsm dlu...

n this is sophie.. from gurl school seri aman.... very cute this gurl.. my dormate!

oke ths is zaleha.. nma glamour zal.. from kl also.... this gurl kuat melatah n sgt funny.

okayh thts all for nw i guess.... yg len2 tuh x smpat nk camhore... nnt yea.. so my wish is i want to study betol2 kt sni... xnk maen2 dh mcm form4 form5 dlu yg x mcm student life lgsg...u guys suma pray 4 me also ok.. thnx! btw jgn tya my ambition! xpnh tetap pown.. keep on changing! hahahaha!