Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Masalah dan isu

Kategori masalah :
  • misteri
  • puzzle
  • dilema
  • peluang
beza antara masalah dan isu adalah masalah perlu satu penyeselaian yang agak segera manakala sesuatu isu perli di tangani dengan lebih berhati-hati (solve a problem and resolve an issue)

Sifat penyelesaian masalah

4 ciri penting di dalam individu yang menjadikan seseorang menyelesai masalah yang berkesan
  • motivasi yang kuat
  • trait yang positif
  • jati diri
  • membina kemahiran

Model penyelesaian masalah enam langkah (Chang dan Kelly, 1993)
  1. kenal pasti masalah
  2. analisa punca masalah
  3. kenal pasti cara penyelesaian
  4. pilih penyelesaian terbaik
  5. bentuk plan tindakan
  6. pelaksanaan dan penilaian

Model penyelesaian masalah lapan langkah (Francis,1990)
  1. tuning in
  2. objective setting
  3. success measurement
  4. information collection
  5. decision making
  6. planning
  7. action
  8. review to improve
Model penyelesaian masalah secara saintifik dan logik
  1. mendefinisikan masalah
  2. mengkelaskan masalah
  3. tentukan objektif
  4. tentukan ukuran kejayaan
  5. kutipan data
  6. membuat keputusan
  7. melaksanakan keputusan yang di ambil
Penyelesaian secara saintifik
  • mengadakan hipotesis
  • mengumpul maklumat
  • membuat kesimpulan

ciri-ciri penyelesaian secara kreatif/lateral
  1. ia tidak bersifat kritikal seperti kaedah logik
  2. ia tidak bersifat analitikal seperti kaedah saintifik 
  3. ia tidak bersifat vertical atau sehala seperti kaedah saintifik, sebaliknya bersifat generatif dan inovatif. bersifat antilogik atau water logic. 
Kaedah 6 topi berfikir
  1. topi hijau : kreatif dan subur
  2. topi kuning : positif dan konstruktif 
  3. topi putih : objektik 
  4. topi hitam : negatif dan kritikal
  5. topi merah : emotif 
  6. topi biru : awasi topi2 lain bekerja

6 action shoes
  1. navy formal shoes : biasa, mudah dan ringkas
  2. grey sneakers : penyelidikan
  3. brown brogues : praktikal, nyata, lasak, tidak formal
  4. orange gumboots : cemas, krisis, risiko, segera dan berani
  5. pink slippers : prihatin, perikemanusiaan, kasih sayang
  6. purple riding shoes : kuasa, rasmi, kepimpinan

Penyelesaian melalui perasaan
  1. kebolehan mengetahui emosi sendiri
  2. kebolehan dalam pengurusan emosi
  3. kebolehan meningkatkan motivasi
  4. kebolehan mengenal emosi orang lain
  5. kebolehan menjalin persaudaraan
Penyelesaian secara Islam (al-Halli al-Ilami)
dua corak-pendekatan hokum dan pendekatan sufi

Pendekatan Hukum
-hukum ibadat
-jinayat hudud

Ciri-ciri (khasais) syariat Islam :
  1. Rabbani (ketuhanan)
  2. Alamiah (universal)
  3. Syumul (menyeluruh)
  4. Wasatiyyah (seimbang)

Pendekatan sufi
bersifat moral dan spiritual
lembut dan lunak
perlu kefahaman tentang 3 perkara pokok - hakikat masalah, sebab masalah dan kaedah penyelesaian
berasaskan proses tazkiyyah an-nafs dua dimensi : dimensi horizontal dan dimensi vertikal
pembersihan diri (takhalli) dari sifat-sifat buruk (mazmumah) dan menghias diri (tahaffi) dan sifat-sifat baik (mahmudah)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

testing testing

Long time ady didnt blogging. Friends keep on asking me to update even they didnt blogging. They said they enjoy reading my blog coz its funny. **MEMANG AKU BADUT KANN** while my bf playing ps3 so i try update using his galaxy tab. His gtab. NOT MOINNEEE. kbye

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Monday, August 22, 2011

f#ck urself twice

this post may sounds like very angry (bird) or emotional or stressed or whatever.
i just wanna say that, i dnt even bother ur life so whatever shit i did is none of ur business
unless u r my girlfriends, bff, ma bitches and family.
other than that, DONT BUSYBODY PLS

aku paling pantang org busy body psai family aku. family hmpa perfect ka?
mmg klaw aku dgq jea sapa2 dok kata apa psai adek2 aku ka abg2 aku ka mom daddy aku ka,
aku mmg akn tya direct or ask my mom to ask em b4 i start the war with em
yess im very protective. even i heard any small things that hurts my sibling, ill haunt u down =)

seriously aku x phm, why must u guys sebok2 hal org laen?
aku jenis hmpa nk buat apa pon buat la aku xkcaw n xkalot pon
nk kongkek tepi jalan ka, nk hisap gnja ka, nk kena sawan babi ka
jnji jgn kcaw hdup aku and my love ones.
klaw hmpa kcaw, hmpa berak x basoh pon aku kutok n jaja satu dunia
jenis aku ni senang jea, org bg taik aku balaih cighittt.
so klaw xmaw rasa kna ciritt tang muka, jgn dok carik psaii naaaa

apa aku buat, apa aku pkai, pi mana, beli apa, x pnah kcaw duet hmpa so apa sebok2?
kot la mntak sekupang kt hmpa ka.
ni satu sen pon x pnh mntak!
bkn nk kata aku ni open minded ka apa cuma aku mmg xpnh kesah apa hmpa wat
aku kwn ngn mcm2 jenis org tp aku x pnh get influenced pon.
x pnh pon nk ikot prangai org even my own bff.
i hv my own life n ways.
i dont need YOU to teach me or advice me

Friday, August 19, 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011

And its all about me, me, me, me, me !

1. Last Beverage : redoxon lol.
2. Last Phone Call : i called my bf but he didnt pick up =.= so end up talking to myself
3. Last Text Message : my bf. i fall asleep so i texted him when i woke up but he rep with =) *annoying gila rahh*
4. Last Song you listened : gimme everything (tonight)
5. Last Time you cried: i dont remember. its been ages i guess. big girl dont cry XD
6. Dated someone : of coz. im straight lol
7. Been Cheated on : yeah once. its more to revenge actly lol
8. Kissed someone & regretted it : nahhh. im lovin it hahahaha =p
9. Lost anyone special : a lot mann like seriously missing em like crazy! rest in peace yeaaa
10. Been depressed : everytime for every single thangg
11. Been Drunk and Threw up : nahhh mann. i dnt drink alcoholic drinks. waitt how bout barbican?


12. black (always make me look skinny yay!)
13. gold (current addiction. not the anak mami gold. jz the bling2 like u knowww)
14. silver (not the striking one but the dull one)


15. Made a New Friend : almost everyday
17. Laughed until you cried : hahaha. a lottt esp with my partners in crime n bf

18. Met Someone who changed you : sorry. i never change for any1 n get influences by no one
19. Found out who your true friends were : yeahhh my girlfriends!
20. Found out someone was talking about you : neighbor n enemies. jealous much aye? haha
21. Kissed anyone on your FB friend's list : well, imma good kisser. Rolf!


22. How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life :
not even quarter of it haha!
23. ? : question mark?
24. Do you have any pets : yeahhh i hv. 3 rabbits. suppose to b 4. 1 passed away. their name is Pacenggo, Torpedo,Cassey aka Storm(by the name u shud know how she is) and Asteroid (fav 1 but MIA =()
25. Do you want to change your name : motif? no thanks
26. What did you do for your last birthday :
having a fun bday bash @ the beach of hard rock hotel (mampu?) then went to gurney plaza. 1st place we dated 4years ago. thanks to my bf 4 the sweet memories.
27. What time did you wake up today? : 5.00am. sahoqq maa. hehehe
28. What were you doing at midnight last night : right after went back from gurney, i sleep. (actly dlm kreta dh tdoq dh lol)
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for : i hv no idea. everyday i want something! =.=
30. : ?
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life : everything happen 4 a reason. God created it with hikmah aye
32. What are you hearing to right now : listening to crazy jj and ean haha
33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom? : nahhh man idts
34. What's getting on your nerves right now : my bf! he keep on accusing me 4 having 2nd bf when i late rep his sms. wtf?
36. Most visited webpage : facebook n youtube. (not redtube haaa)
37. Nickname : mom call me bitbit. =.= coz i hv rabbit teeth. gigi jongang lah senang creta. my bff atie used to call me JONET (nokhoromm x glammour lgsg nama tu kann). sibling call me kakak (when they r in good mood)
38. Relationship Status : fb says married to Muhammad Faiz. not i say HAHA
39. Zodiac sign : capricorn! not popcorn oke
40. He or She :
told ya im straight dont belok2 haha .

41. Elementary School : Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Taman Senangan.
42. High School : SMK Dato Onn and Sek Men Sains Tun Syed Sheh Shahabudin (nobody believe im from smart school then boarding school =.=)
43. College : Kedah Matriculation College
44. Hair colour : ash green =)) my bf says hjaw taik lembu. jealous lettuwww
45. Long or short hair : average !
46. Height : 158cm. short huh? i knoww right
47. Do you have a crush on someone? : Vin Diesel. more to forbidden love oke =p
48. What do you like about yourself? : i hate myself coz im ungly =((
49. Piercings : 11 holes jea. haha!
50. Tattoos : fake one on my shoulder last time. aauwww rama2 lgi uolls
51. Right or lefty : imma left handed. paling benci org dok perli basoh berak ngn pgg pen tgn sama. like F#CKYU


52. First surgery : NOT YET. ok xmaw
53. First piercing : 5years old ok. tokwan n nenek bwk pi kdai emas tindik telinga. comel kann
54. First best friend : Nazreena Nadia (Ndia). haha dia bc ni mati aku.
55. First sport you joined : polis and thief? hahahah
56. First vacation : singapore when i was in my mom's tomb. amek hg nk 1st sgt haha i was made there.
58. First pair of sneakers : bata north star! wakakakaakaka


59. Eating : sesungguhnya aku sedang berpuasa heheheeh
60. Drinking : puasa la woii dok tya byk2 pa!
61. I'm about to : pee lol dok tahan sat ni
62. Listening to : i need a doctor
63. Waiting for : continue my sleep heeheheh


64. Want superkids? : i love kids but not 4 myself. scary la pregnant2 ni. T___T
65. Get Married? : my mom says after i have master. andartu la mcm nii huhuhuh
66. Career? : succesful businesswoman ka agriculturist ka CEO OF SIME DARBY. hahahaah berangan lah woi


67. Lips : SEXAYYYYYYYYYY and kissable XD
68. Hugs or kisses : huggable. full of muscle ! auwwww
69. Shorter or taller : taller than me 4 sure laaaa. i hate short man as my partner. geliiiiiii
70. Older or Younger :
older pleaseeeeeeeeeee. mcm john travolta. haha nk yg hot sajaa
71. Romantic or spontaneous : spontaneous funny n crazayyyyhhhhhhhh
72. Nice stomach or nice arms : 6packs yeahhhhh
73. Sensitive or loud : louddddddddddd. lets get loud. lets get loudddddddddddddd
74. Hook-up or relationship : both also can as long as he love me 4 real. haha
75. Trouble maker or hesitant : jgn nk trouble maker sgt la kann


76. Kissed a stranger : nahhh mannn. im not cheap n desperate. so thank youu
77. Drank Wine : wine yg non alcoholic yg kt carefour rm4.90 tu haha
78. Lost glasses/contacts : byk kalii. esp contact lens. haih
79. Sex on first date : wooooooo. not to tht extend la. agak2 ar. im virgin !
82. Been arrested : kantoi ngn bf kuaq x bgtaw haha =.=
83. Turned someone down: x sengajaaaa huhuhuh
85. Fallen for a friend : never. friend, friend ar. nk fallen2 watpa
86. Found yourself talking in your sleep : nahhhh mann. i was sleeping so how should i know?


87. Miracles : yes of coz. anything will happen when Allah says so
88. Love at first sight : yes. psai he so handsome lah haha

89. Heaven : yess for good people
90. Santa Claus : Remi Gaillard make it better hahahah
91. Kiss on the first date : 1st date?! y in rush? my lips wont go anywhere lah. i know its sexy but dnt take advantage please hahahahahaha
92. Angels : malaikat. yes


93. Food(s) : smbai udang petai, msak lemak tempokay, gulai kepala ikan, gulai ikan masin, budu, laksa, n tomyamm

94. Drink(s) : any drink with ice
95. Book(s) : erkk. im not a book worm

96. Song(s) : hiphop songs. those caruts2 songs my fav haha. songs tht i can dance n move. big no no to love songs!
97. Shoes Brand(s) : vincci,esclipes,nose,nyc,prima vera,lewre, and blabla.

98. Clothe Brand (s) : mng,dorothy perkins,topshop,f block, forever21, nichii,kitschen,cotton on,mark n spencer,levi's lady,seed,padini,diesel,momoe n many moreeee
99. Handphone Brand(s) : sony ericsson,samsung