Saturday, December 25, 2010

fuck you manwhore!

just now i went to the hospital, KPJ Perda coz wanna visit my bf's friend who was admitted there due to accident. we went around 830pm. his hand was operated last night due to 3bones broke. hope he will get well soon.

the reason my of my entry is I REALLY HATE TO SEE MY BIGGEST FUCKING ENEMY, THE MANWHOREEE! not tht guy who accident. but his friend. n the guy tht used to be my boyfriend. USED TO. you know who =)

we hate tht dickhead like so fucking much! me n my bf cant even hear his name. we feel like stabbing him with anything sharp! but just now we have to face him at the hospital. he was there. my bf already remind me not to do anything like jeling him or what. just ignore him n act like he's not there. yes i do. i dnt even look at his scumbag face. but still my face is bahagia like always. but to see u is like having a nightmare! as bad as fake orgasm! real disgusting! until santa wont come tonight!

we hate him ever since of this and that. obviously i dont hate people for no reason. i dont discriminate but i do hate. as i said im the sweetest and funniest girl, just dont pissed me off. u mock ppl then u aspect people to like u? hell no! we are not stupid. we already knows everything! you can go die! im happy to dig a hole for u! with an extra snake inside! may u rest in hell! forever u dumbass! bigest jerk ever! MANWHORE (he may hv hiv coz he fucked everyone. sex slave!)