Sunday, January 2, 2011

reminisce the songs~

this time, i dnt feel like facebooking much. i dont feel like stalking anyone. lol but only feel like reminiscing my old songs. songs that i used to love and crazy repeating for lotsa time. songs between me and him. =))

so the first thing i did was YOUTUBE. lol my itunes really up to date. all new songs. i just listen up to hiphop, rnb songs. no love songs pls. i listen to song which has beat. which can make me move my body and head like the nigger style. serious shit i dont like slow song with no beat. ada jah lgu slow yg ada beat. yg jenis meleleh tuh sori ar gua tak layan! =p

the diff between me n my bf is, he listen to those oldies songs. lagu2 kt lights fm tuh. dia pown jenis x jiwang mcm i cuma lgu dia dgq sumpah x ley blahh. i pown x lahir lgi msa lgu2 tuh. i but he doesnt too. but yeahh thts his song. msa dlm kreta, kami mst berebut radio. dia nk dgq lights, me nk dgq fly r hitz. now im smiling. hahha he can listen to my songs but i can never take his songs! like never~ myb psai family background kot. all his family love old songs. and when his dad bgtaw me singer and actor lma2, i just can nodd. jeez i know nothing! my dad plak jenis dgq lagu2 mcm i. big fans of hip hop songs. seriously everytime i blk dr hostel, ill take my pendrive to his pc, and copy all the songs. tak pyh ssh2 nk download. he know my taste well. for example we love, lil wayne, lil john, pitbull, gucci mane, timbaland, young jeezy, 5ocennts, kanye west, loyd n blabla

i ckp kt my bf i saket pala dgq lagu dia. punya slow! penat nk dgq. then dia ckp i shud saket kepala listen to my own songs. all fuck2 shit2. hahhahahahahahaha well thts my swag! i dont care whats the dirty lyrics. i go for BEATS! my besties, nadia knows how i crazy to nigger songs! when i said nelly hot she like, eeuuwww. i bgtaw dia kt UUM byk negro, n ada muka mcm T.I. she said im crazy! hahha dlu msa muda2 ska jugak la dressing hiphop. pkai quarter jean, tube and sweater and sport shoes. n long chain. yo nigger lah konon en

im good in cursing nigger style smp my friend hicmarch ckp imma sifu or cursing. lol. okay i used to curse sum1 with this : *i copy it from my status 2010 at facebook album*

lagu first i dgq just now at youtube is me and you-cassie. then long way to go-cassie. well this song im crazy over it masa awal form four. masa tuh baru start kenal faiz. masa dia flirt ngn i, i pnh reply msg dia ckp, "wanna love me, wanna touch me? think twice coz u got a long way to go" hahha pastu lps dh kapel, ringtone 1st to him i put is me and you. b4 couple long way to go.

lagu gennie in the bottle-christina aguilera pown i dgq. coz masa i dok asrama dlu kn, i bwk hp senyap2. bwk hp cokia jaaa. lgu polyphonic. psai klaw kna rmpas tak terkilan sgt. n tht was my ringtone! XD

then i listen to COME TO ME-NICOLE AND P DIDDY. this songs mmg i crazy to sgt2 last tym. use to be my ringtone. i love the video clip too! nicole will always be my fav! my friend, hanis at matric use to call me nicole coz she know i love BEP esp the leader! she's fuckin hot! i adore her style. BEEP and DONTCHA and LIGHT CAMERA ACTION is my fav during matric tym. i always get close to my itouch repeating that songs. tp masa matric tuh i more to lady gaga songs la. mmg hit em up!

every couple must have songs that they really like together and will listen to it sometimes. for me and him is: LAST NIGHT-P.DIDDY FEAT KESHIA COLE. yes that is our song! klaw tgh mrh2 ka apa. psang lagu tuh mst hati lembut! then bru lah i gedik2 nk pujuk n pgg tgn bgai. lol

If you could only see, your heart belongs to me
I love you so much, I'm yearnin' for your touch
Come and set me free, forever yours I'll be
Baby, won't you come and take this pain away?

and lagu yg i ska dance part dia is LET ME LOVE YOU-MARIO. serious i love the way he move. makes me wanna do that also. hahha. so just now i repeat that song for 3times.

too bad i never went to club! i love club songs! i love to dance and shake my ass tp dlm blik n toilet ja laa. i x pi club but i know how they dance and i can do it well. try me =)))

RIGHT THUR-CHINGY (i put this song masa 1st buat blog) and GET LOW-LIL JOHN FEAT EASTSIDE BOYS and I NEED GIRLFRIEND, BUMP BUMP BUMP-B2K, and I NEED GIRL-P DIDDY (part 1 and 2), CANDY SHOP-50CENTS, TIE ME DOWN-DRAKE FEAT LIL WAYNE, WOMEN LIE MEN LIE-LIL WAYNE is forever my songs! * klaw nk list down mmg byk wey!*

i love all rihanna's songs. but i dnt like her. hahha jealous! no laaa. what for nk jealous artis. bgai langit and bumi okay. for now mmg dok gila lagu ONLY GIRL. not bcoz of the lyrics. bcoz of the beat! lagu A YEAR WITHOUT RAIN-SELENA GOMEZ pown has a nice beat. GRENADE-BRUNO MARS also nice. apa2 pown i hate TAYLOR SWIFT and JUSTIN BIBIER. sumpah x ley layan lgsg lgu dpa! eeeuuuuuwwww!

i dont listen much on rocks and hardcore songs. mcm SOAD pown i just dgq DUA lgu ja. HYPNOTIZE, CHOP SUEY. taktaw psepa i ska dua lgu tuh. siap hafai kot. lol and mcm MCR, SIMPLE PLAN, AAR suma tuh i x minat. dgq2 mcm tuh jah.
currently addicted to those songs:

No Hands

Waka Flocka Flame Featuring Roscoe Dash & Wale

Coming Home

Diddy - Dirty Money Featuring Skylar Grey

Right Above It

Lil Wayne Featuring Drake

Hey Baby (Drop It To The Flo...

Pitbull Featuring T-Pain


Chris Brown Featuring Tyga & Kevin McCal

Hold My Hand

Michael Jackson Duet With Akon


Fire Flame

Birdman Featuring Lil Wayne

That's All She Wrote

T.I. Featuring Eminem

Check It Out


Kanye West Featuring Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Bon Iver & Nicki Minaj

bab2 hafai lyric lgu mmg terror. klaw ley hafai lectures mcm tuh kan syiok! lol hahaa obviously i cant live without songs. study ka on9 ka mst nk bukak lgu. kadang tuh saja bukak lgu kt hp smp batt hbeih. I CANT LIVE WITHOUT MUSIC. NO MUSIC NO LIFE! XD

hello 2011 bubye 2010~

may this year better than last year!

p/s: new blog song! listen up yo! XD