Thursday, March 10, 2011


sumpah kt UUM ni byk gila typical malay yg suka dok usha org ataih bwh! aku pkai selekeh pon hmpa nk usha! gila ka igt aku free hair jahat sgt ka aku? hmpa ni kmpung mna mai taktaw. toksah dok typical minded sgt la! aku nk pkai skirt ka aku nk pkai baju apa pon xpyh la nk usha sgt! bkn branded pon bju2 n suaq aku. like duhhhhhhhhhhhh

mcm smlm en,

panaih gila aku org dok usha2 aku ni. bkn psai nk kta aku lawa. dak2 sekali pon dak. aku mmg xlawa lgsg. buruk gila. dpa ni usha mcm xpuaih hati. stgi aku bg buah maki mula kata aku kaki gadoh. xdak psai aku nk maki org saja2. dh ang dok usha pelik mst la aku nk taw psepa? aku pkai bra ataih kepala ka? dak kn. aku kcaw laki ang ka? knai ang pon dak. laki ang lgi la haram xknai!

lgi satu aku ckup menyampah pompuan kt sni haram mia gedik! pakai tdung tp..............DOK MENGGEDIK NGN LAKI PUNYA SAKAN~! freehair2 aku pon x pnh lak menggatai ngn laki wey! aku jenis buat taktaw truih. tp dpa?? eeuwww grosss! bukan nk kta aku baek, dak. tp at least aku x culture syiokk!! masok utan pon bleh culture syiokk taktaw la... im a family type! tiap2 mggu mst blk to be with my family. i can choose to mingle around n pi sana sni x pyh blk rumah but i dont. i stil BALIK RUMAH SETIAP MGGU.

pls la xpyh nk judge org sgt! budak2 universiti x semuanya baek. dpa mcm manusia biasa gak. pndai tuh myb yes tp baek tuh BELOM TENTU! baek budi org tuh bukan ltak kt kepndaiaan, kecomelan or whatever it is. before u judge tht person make sure u know em 1st!

akku pkai tdung ka dak tu mmpuih pi la! perlu ka ksah suma tuh klaw nk berkwn?? tak semua org baek wey! thts y neraka tuh wujud! aku taw dosa x pkai tdung is berdosa besaq tp jgn kalot lah hmpa. if u cant accept me 4 who i am, just get lost! i nver discriminate people. i dnt mind who you are. i let u guys live ur own way with very on life. so dont bother mine. THANKS!

We hate some persons because we do not know them; and we will not know them because we hate them.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

OMG i cant wait!

cant wait what huh? well u guess. final exams? of coz not. hand in all assignments? never! graduate? err students like is the best so ill say no 4 grad. just not now duhhh. so whats the THING i cant wait for???? well its my 4th year anniversary ! =))

YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! it has been 4years! like OMAIGODDDDDDDDDDDDDD! damn i cant believe im too good too stick at the same guy for FOUR YEARS ! oh yeahh. flirting is just not my type and i dont like changing partner like changing pants. some of my babes asked me, "anis u x boring ka with same bf 4 so long?" HAHAAHAH for them four years is sooo fucking long bcoz normally they just couple with any guys not more than 3 months. mostly laaa. i dnt say they are playgirl or what but if u think the guy doesnt suits u well, what for u wanna waste ur time?? just move on and says NEXT! haha. ok2 back to my babes question. i always answer to them, "i really had fun with my bf, he is crazy like me. we both is the most retarded couple in thw world and i think there's no other guy will accept me for who i am. its very hard to find a nice guy which really took care of you nowadays. i found mine and im glad."

to be honest, we have been thru a lot of rough time that u guys just dont know. i dont mean the 1 tht we ride in rain and sharing packet of nasi lemak coz no money. HAHAH i dont take it as a rough time but more to the best experience. syg i hope u still rmmber coz i never forgot. no matter how bad is our day, we can still laugh and teasing each other. well its very hard 4 me to get angry. how happy go lucky i am esp when im with you =)

some of loving couple esp non malays, the will do tattoo of their partner's name or face but for me, i got so called TATTOO(a scar i actly). u know how i got it? well there's one night, my bf come n lepak @ my hse. we r so boring and didnt know what to do. so he carry we with bicycle. i stand up above the tire there got foot rest. he is so excited 4 so long didnt cycle. and end up cycle like crazy fella damn fast i tell u til my thigh hit some metal wire near the tire. its was so fuckin pain but i didnt scold him of coz. its just a small matter. LOL p/s: thanks syg 4 the scar

u know what is not easy to maintain a relationship. of coz there's a up and down. but as long as we love and trust each other, all tht can be solve. even byk kali on off (like fir a few hours or days) we still wanting each other. auwww sweet right? HAAHAHAHAHHA! we r not sweet but we r sewel! thts make us perfect for each other =)

yeahh i post this on fb just now. yesterday im so excited until i spend half of my day survey on a best place 4 our anniversary dinner/lunch. i made a few reservations. normally my bf will surprise me but no this time. im gonna suprise him. i ask him to choose which of these for place he wants to go and of coz dinner on me:

-lunch nyonya cruisine @ cititel hotel
-mongolian dinner @ berjaya hotel
-international buffet dinner @ bayview hotel
-buffet dinner @ the bungalow, lone pine hotel

and last 1 is japanese asian cruisine @ tao restaurant


seems tht i hv to cancel those reservations. n btw i already found two best place 4 us for dinner and lunch! its a quite romantic place and very ambient. i hope u like it. I CANT WAIT 13 MARCH 2011!!