Monday, February 28, 2011

fuck that shit 4 making me scared!

last 3 day, i was in my room @ my hostel, on9 as usual. I saw lotsa facebookers post a link note to their profile including nadia (hg taw apa hg tulis or post aku mst tgk miaa la. Stalk ang kuat2 derr). The title of the note is same like others; MISTERI RUMAH

i know its either kind of fuckin horror story or myb funny ghost story ala2 hantu kak limah blk rumah. (soley2.........). so i start to read it. At first i dont feel anything, but when it comes half part and the ending. I was like, FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKkk IS IT FOR REAL????????


Bcoz i remember last semester, something spooky happen to me:

Tht evening which is back to the last 3 days, i have an e-com II class at 5pm until 8pm. 3hours learning english is kinda boring u know. Especially when no game at all. So i texted nadia n we chat 4 a while.

After finished my class, i had a dinner with jufina, and her roomate. Nasi goreng cendawan n chocolate waffer for tht night. And then i go take a bath and start to feel a bit scared ( A BIT ONLY OKAY) even its just 930pm. So as usual on9 whille doing revision.

Since i have morning class tomorrow, at 230am i went to my bed. B4 tht my roomate terjaga so i ask her to company me to the toilet. (OK THIS TYM I MMG TAKOT LAA. NEAR 3AM WERTT). So come back from toilet i climb again to my bed( katil atas ma double decker) mmg dh sunyi gila kot. Everyone surely sleep already. SUDDENLY... i feel like something is below my bed. of coz there’s my roomate on the lower bed. i said i feel like SOMETHING not SOMEONE. So i turn here and there. OBVIOUSLY I CANT SLEEP UGH! Since my another roomate didnt sleep at our room, i decided to sleep on her bed so that i can berdepan with mun. Oh yeah there’s 3 people in our room including me. My another roomate seldom in.

Eventho i can see mun right in front of me, i still feel scared. I heard a few noises. Like somone knock the door and walking back and forth in front of my room door. And room at level 5 (mine is level 4 ) sounds like they changing the room furniture everywhere. But i tell u tht my dpp’s room is so small. There’s no such a way u can change it bcoz all the furnite ( i mean wadrobe, study table and bed its fit it just nice) SO MY HEARTBEAT PUMPING CRAZILY!

I was thinking who is my friend that didnt sleep yet at tht time so that she company me. N i remmber memey and i texted her, “hye u watpa tuh” but she didnt reply.

So i go sleep with mun. Right beside her. Two person in 1 single bed. sweet kannnnnnnn LOL i dont care. I just scared. So the noise is getting louder and repeatitive. My eyes wide open as well as my ears. Mun said she heard the noise too. Even i sleep with her, i still feel scared. I pull my leg higher from the edge of the bed so that if the ghost come they dont pull my leg first. LOL

Since memey didnt reply my sms, i texted my bf : “im so fucking scared syg! I heard noise!” n of coz no reply. He sleep ady maa. Tommorow morning keja lorr. And suddenly someone call me, i tot my bf but it was memey. She said she’s in da club. Just got my msg bcoz no coverage maaa in club. So we chat 4 a while. she said tomorow night wanna come my hse lepaking with me. and then when finish talking. And she texted me saying thank you 4 sms her. She mmg nk sms me coz she miss me.

Then i reply her, “ u taw dak i xleh nk tidoq. I ketaq poen gila u dgq mcm2 bunyi. Ptg td i pi bc creta hntu kt facebook n now i takot gilaaa smpi tdoq satu katil ngn rumet i”

Then x lama lps tuh she reply, “ HAHAHAHAHAH u tgk apa sebelah u!”

Caitttt so notty haaa try to kcaw me. I ignore her msg than start to sleep coz the noises already fades.


Friday, February 18, 2011

so meeee!

DEMN ITS TRUEE except 4 the last part! PERSONALITI DARAH B: Anda merupakan seorang yang agak kasar, lebih jelas dan berterus terang dalam melakukan sesuatu serta suka melakukan sesuatu mengikut cara anda sendiri. Anda kreatif dan fleksibel serta mudah beradaptasi dengan suasana persekitaran. Namun, sikap anda yang terlalu bebas mungkin menyebabkan anda keterlaluan dan inilah kelemahannya..

Saturday, February 12, 2011

gua kaki gado?

haaaa blog ni mmg aku nk tulis psai aku kaki gadoh lah sgt! most everyday my status mst maki2 org kn. tp kdg tuh xdak pa pon. cuma aku ni kasaq sket so status gheja nk garang jaa. kecuali kdg i post up really point to someone to means mmg ada yg x kna la tuhh. kenapakah? sbb AKU JENIS, ORG BUAT TAIKK AKU BALAS CIRITT

sapa x knai aku, mmg org igt aku kaki gadoh. dog wont bark if he knows the person! so since i had fb account dec 2009 til now. like 1year plus kannn. ada lah aku gadoh dgn org-org. n why?????????

ok lemme state here. 1.halflean 2.wiya 3.pu3suraya 4,5,6,7:ihsan ismie,affie,memey,zaza 8,9,10:tatiana,arina,faiz azman 11. nurul aya fareha

tujuan i nk creta ni sumpah bkn nk aibkan org. cuma nk bgtaw bnda yg benar2 sahaja. eh in 1 year 11 org ja aku gado? lol baek jugak aku ni =.=

1.halflean or alin. haaaa dia ni gado dlm fb, punca????????? oh begini. dia ni satu KDU ngn bf i, tp dia ni dh lama kot. msa CAPS apa ntahh. mcm society kt sana, my bf pi 4 the meeting. knai kt situ laa. then idk y dia dok bersungguh add my bf smp 3kali. at 1st i approved tp when dia truih im my bf without knowing i yg on9, she sound so mengada. so i did removed her. BUT SHE ADD AGAIN UNTIL 3TIMES. kebetulan msa tuh faiz on9 so dia approved. dia xtaw i reject tht gurl. so she im tya, "uu knapa remove i hr tuh" sumthing like tht. but the way dia im mmg gediks aaa. so apa lgi i pown remove diaaa. n after 3rd time kna remove, she post this on her wall. dlu private wall tp since kna remove ngn i n 4 sure dia taw i yg remove. so dia post this on her wall,

"hey bitch im so not into ur bf la.... we knoe each other and we r frens. izzit so hard fr u to get it into ur thickless brain?"

MMG SAH2 LAH SHE SAID IT TO ME KANN! even 2years kid pon can figure it out laaa. so i inbox her with this:

2. wiya.

ok this might be the worst case ever. fight with sum1 who is mentally retarded i guess. mmg mncabar kesabaran btoi. at 1st i didnt know she's weirdo. well in mtric i jz friend with all the gurls. but when dis wiya trying to approach me, some of my frens did warning me not to entertain her. but 4 its ok. i dnt mind. and at last, after some drama n cases, smp masok paper kot! x larat nk creta whats happening but the whole matric knows what happen and how she been acting and cursing those innocent fellas. SHE'S DRIVING ME N MY GALS CRAZYY TOO. LOL. we go talk nicely to her but she report hep say we go serang her. org nk tlg dia psai whole kmk mcm dh pulau dia but she;s so stubborn n pgl bapak dtg skolah to ashame me. worst nightmare in matric. for real. but no worries. i dnt hate her. its very hard 4 me to hate people especially sick people. may god bless u my dear wiya n tak care. (bwh ni gmbaq msa depavali nite. dia yg nk amek gmbaq ngn i oke)

3. puteri suraya

haaaa this gurl is same kdu as my boyfie. mula2 ok jaa. pastu ada slh phm sket. dua2 jnis baran kn. she ter garang n i pon ter garang. starting pon status in fb. she mcm tulis post mrh3 so i ask y then i kna mrh. lol then argue2 she block me. x lama lps tuh kn. i bump into her dlm ferry pastu msa turun dr ferry, kt highway, bf i tgh bwk moto, then i pi kalih blkg angkt fuck kt dia. quite lama, dh la hujan! jahat kn aku. nsb baek tak kna pnh kilat. pergh. i cm x puaih hati en tuh yg pi buat mcm tu. pastu baru2 ni i found her blog. ntah mcm mna ternmpk. pastu terbaca psai post dia kutok me n my bf, so i pon comment aaa. i mcm nk cr gadoh blk. pastu3 puteri ni baek aa dia ckp sorry n xnk gadoh n explain blk why she wrote. its may 2010 kot. then since dia baek, i pon baek lah. so now dh ok n x gadoh dh. ada hikmah i jmpa blog pu3, or else smp skg kami x baek. alhamdulillah =))

4,5,6: ihsan, affie, memey

haaaaa yg niii kira mcm gadoh of the year lahh. msa ni i dh masok uum. haish. 1st of all ihsan ismie ni mmg no balls punya laki laaa. me n my bf call him, PUSSY! hahaaha mmg pussy gila wey! nk gado pon ngn pompuan. from the beginning lgi i dnt like him. i always feel like he's bad influence 4 my bf. well my instincts rite. he try to ruin my relationship. BODOH LA HG X SKA AKU HG JGN SEBOK LA RUMAHTANGGA AKU. bangang mia lakii. he's related to this affie by dia yg pi bg number my bf kt this janda pelacoq. konon nk soh affie ni ngorat faiz aaa? hg igt taste dia mcm hg ka? dok lyn pelacoq? nk taw lebih lnjut, bc this entry. me n my bf mmg smp bila xkn baek dgn dia. smp mati pon takkan! LOSERRRRRRRRRR

affie ni plak i gadoh ngn dia psai dia gila meroyan kt my bf. smp call i maki2 ckp dh kapel ngn faiz 5years. n pnh pi rumah faiz. hahha skali msa dia cl tuh, i da kt umah kakak faiz yg 2nd kt kl, so i pass the hp to the sister n the sister ask btoi ka pnh mai rumah parent faiz n since when kapel ngn faiz, SENTAP TRUIH NOKKK! pdn muka hg nk tipu aku sgt. perasan! msa i break ngn faiz, coz i pi menggediks kt kl. so he mmg x bg i go kl lma2 n he geram n use some1 to make me jealous so dia pon amek la gmbaq ngn pelacoq niii. sja nk bgi i jealous n mrh. n yes of coz i mrh! lol. coz normally me n faiz dnt break up 4 real. he stil text me everyday even dia mrh2 kt i. so i found out this bitch punya fb. sgop buat fb nk bg i jealous tgk gmbaq dia ngn faiz? lorrrrr klaw aku taw dr awai hg jnda n prostitute, i wont get jealous. HAHHA. eeuuww dh la offer faiz tdoq ngn hg! aku bc laa wey semua msg hg tuh! gelimatttt! so tgk la dia rep msg ni pastu dia block i. LOSER

ayat dia sama jaa. bf mmber2 aku dh pnh kna kcaw ngn janda ni. she keep telling people yg bf kami2 ni la yg gila kt dia. wey tlg la. hg tuh make up tebai kalah opera cina. pastu sapa maw kt hg pntat loboih oiii.


mula2 i dok msg ngn dia elok2. tya psai dia, affie then i slumber pi kutok affie kt dia. as bff of coz dia bara n pon kutok lah i blk. then kami pon gadohh. dia dok kutok2 i ngn her gang while me n my babes kutok dia ngn her gang. but now, kami dh baek blk. she dh creta everything to me. especially bout affie. n dia dh x baek ngn affie. she hates affie as how i hates affie. n now mmg always come to my hse n lpak2. thanks u slalu teman i kt rumah i. heheehh miss u so much n miss zaza too! ni gmbaq kami. weeeeeeeeeee

8,9,10: tati, arina and faiz azman.

haaa yg ni gadoh plg lawak ah wey! HAHAHAAHHA si tati ni perasan i dok tiru2 dia. konon mcm fanatic habeih aaa. she's my schoolmate. beza setahun ja. dlu dok masok drama,chorus speaking skali. dgn faiz azman. masa zmn skolah dia ok ja. tp skg? ahaahahah. xtaw la nk kta. dok dgq ja la org creta mcm2 psai dia. tp i bkn jnis amek port. so i baek ja la ngn dia. n hari tuh dia skt appendix, even i tak rapat ngn dia, i pi melawat dia ngn my bf. n met her sisters and mom. mom dia baek gila wey! i like her mom siap add her at fb. msa lpas gadoh ngn dpa pon mak tati pm me say sorry on their behalf. n sumpah baek gila! heh. yg tuh 2nd time jmpa. 1st tym msa i mkn kt arjan, dpa ada sna. 1st jmpa mom dia pon baek gila. plus funny. actually mcm ni. dia ni dok kutok i lama dh tpi i x pnh perasan. dh my frenlist 4k sumthing mna la nk nmpk semua dkt newsfeed. so my bff,nadia told me. but b4 tht ada jugak org bgtaw dpa dok kutok i. tpi i dnt think so dpa kutok i. mcm tiba2 awat nk kutok i plak? arina ni i xknai. add dia dh lma psai slalu klaw i comment apa2 kt faiz n tati ni mst dia da jugak. so add pi lah kn. n then when nadia told me everything n some others also bgtaw dpa dok rancak kutok i dh lma, i pon tgk la page dpa n scroll down smp bwh2. gila jaoh kn scroll. rupanya dpa dok kutok i nearly 3months! HAAHAHAHAHAH i x perasan lgsg! OMG DPA SYIOK SNDRI RUPANYA! DAMNNN! hahahahaah tak pecaya? tgk nii

HHAHAHAHAHAAH aku nk tiru org? HAHAAH MMG TAK LAAA! aiyo agak2 ar wey. my stuffs n my dressing suma biasa2 sahaja. murah2 ajaaa. she wear all branded stuffs maaa. layak ka aku nk tiru? haaa. she's pretty maaa. im ugly. lgi tak la nk tiru! ada ka i buat plastic surgery buat bg sama muka dia? wey xmo lah muka pondan(unitens dia yg call her tht) LOL

i dnt wear heavy makes up like she did. n fyi, i pierce my ears when i was form 3. n i didnt pierce monroe like u did. i dnt wear super sexy cloth/bikini like u. even u yg mntak nk edit gmbaq2 i. penah i sruh????? lgsg tak pnh! SO APA YG AKU TIRU ANG TATI OII? sumpah u perasan gila kot! HAHAHAHAH who r u yg i nk tiru? artis? ohh u got band kn. Tp satu hram lgu hg aku x pnh dgq. not my taste uolls.

she said i love to creta my rutin harian, like hello! thts my fb page, my blog. so suka hati la nk ckp apa pon. bkn ckp psai u pun. yg u bli kasot aldo siap post kt fb tu xpa la plak? then minum arak pon creta org tu apa cer?? n plus kn. me n my gurls buat video merepek2 pon dia kta tiru dia jugakk! aiyooo kami dari zmn skolah lgi suka dok wat video. klaw ada fb zmn tuh mmg lama dh kami upload.

yg lawak nya kn, hari tuh pnh skali dia pkai tudung, pastu dok ceramah kt rmai org. even try to talk about aurat n religion to me msa chatting ngn dia. dia creta kt kdu kwn2 dia suma dok tgk pelik dia pkai tdung la. apa la. last2 tgk la apa jdii? tu laaa jgn condemn org sgt. now u wear worst than pros. LMAO!

so bila dh perasan dia dok kutok2 i tuh lps ndia bgtaw, then dia ngn arina pon mai gadoh kt my page. ceyy dok bara kami kutok dpa. padahai dia dok sakan kutok kami xpa plak? sohai btoi laaa. so gadoh pnjg gila. up to 6hours kot! mulot dpa tuh mmg cibai aaaa. mmg jnis x reti hormat org. n dh lma lps tuh, arina block me. n tati suddenly im me suroh i admit i dok tiru dia. HAAHAHAHAHAH SUMPAH SHE'S CRAZY! buleh dok soh aku admit. gila! x pnh terdetik skali pon nk tiru hg la tati oii. then she said she takot bcoz i sumpah dia langgaq lorri. dia kta dia x sdaq apa dia dok maki2 i td psai dia stoned. coz she take weeds. ALASAN X LEH BLAHH! even btoi u amek weeds (like some who told me b4), xkn for the past 3months hg dok kutok aku pon msa tuh hg dok amek weeds. wowwww kuat nya berganja. patot kurus nokkk. HHAHAHAH

got some of my frens ckp jgn layan dia psai she mmg one kind. dia suka bajet terok2 n arrogant gila. padahai dok kepala bataih ja pon. dpa lah ckp. yg arina ni xtaw dok mna. tp blagak gila n bajet jugak. satu skolah bukit jmbul tuh meluat dia psai dia mmg x ley org lebih dr dia. gheja nk dengki n cr psai ngn org. elok lah hmpa BFF.

yg faiz azman ni plak, haih. mmg la semua gay/laki lembut mulot dasyat kn. tp dia ni xtaw la. msa hari tuh gadoh ngn tati n arina, mcm2 dia kutok dpa kt i. i gelak ja laaa. i x join kutok. lgi soh baek2 ada la. yg tati ni pon dok kta kt faiz mcm2. ckp psai dosa la kapel jntan ngn jntan (tati alim gila msa ni) so i ckp kt faiz i xksah u ni mcm mna pon. i xamek taw hal pribadi. dosa masing2 tanggung maa. then suddenly he pon dok kutok me with arina n taty bila dpa dh baek blk. thts what my frens told me. yg arina ni lgi x leh blahhh. perasan cun satu. bajet diva satu. bak kta ndia pipi dia kui kui ikan emas. HAHAAHAH. smoking, drinking high segala bgga creta kt org. pkai bikini semua pon kecohh. smp kwn2 dia ckp dh x mcm islam. i dnt care how bitch n whore she is, tp tiba2 nk kutok2 aku apahal. gilaaa. xsgka my existence means a lot tuh her. im ur biggest rival kaa? aiyo i x minum arak ok. n i x kongkek ngn partner2 u pon. HAHHA u sucks!

so now tiga2 dh block me at their fb. good 4 them n me. psai klaw tak stgi i upload gmbaq apa2, dok kta i tiru lgii. hahahah pathetic btoi la hmpa ni. dok wat diva terok2.

n bear in mind tati, u yg add i. so i x heran la hlg kwn mcm u. xleh tgk org lebih sket. mula x puaih hati. even i dnt edit my pic dasyat2 as her did, stil rmai ja like my pics n comments. tu kot yg dia jeles. now sapa jeles kt sapa ntah?n plus kn tiba2 sebok2 nk advise me about fashion. so i told her la my bf i a bikers. i cnt wear dress and blouse all the time. pi mna pon merempit jaa. then tiba2 dia ckp, bf i pon bikers jugak. SIAP BG LINK GMBAQ UOLSS. i mcm nk gelak pon ada. takat pka fz150 (150cc sahaja) x pyh lah nk compare dgn k8 suzuki gsxr 1000 (1000cc). takat 150 nk kecoh bf bikers? hahha tlg jgn wat lawak wey. jaoh beza kot ngn moto bf aku. eh berlagak nya i! ya laa asyik dia jah blagak. y not me kannn? ok kt bwh ni gmbaq bf moto i. yg bwh moto bf tuh moto bf dia. HAHAAHAHAHAH lgi pon kn dia kapel ngn bf dia tuh bru bpa hari. aku dh bpa tahun. bf aku x pnh ksah pon aku dressing mcm mna. yg dia kalot sgt psepa ntahhhh. oh at least i x rampas bf org ye.

11. nurul aya fareha

ni yg latest i gadoh. mula2 mcm ni. i dnt even know/rmmber her even she's my senior during primary school. one day her lil sis im me ckp knal bf i n she n her fam used to stay near faiz hse. so i ask her to add faiz. then dia ckp kakak dia knal i. which is fareha. i mmg x igt sapa kakak dia. so i pon add ja la since adek dia ckp kakak dia suroh. tp dkt 2weeks dia x approve then i pm dia ckp la adek dia soh add.

tak lma lps tuh i heard a few of my frens told me bout her. myb dpa perasan mutual frens kot. dpa ckp kt i yg she always talk bout faiz n ckp she knows bout scandals faiz. like hello? 4years we hv been controlling each other. mna mai plak scandal2 ni. so i pm her :

this is her last msg which is very idiot laaa. i said wait i talk to them kn, y u hv to send me this? nmpk sgt takot nk face to face kn. what laaa then i xsmpat nk reply, u block me. GREATTTT

so esok nya tuh trus i pi menggosip dgn those babes @ btu fghi. kenapakah? hnya org2 tertentu ja akn paham. zasssssssssssssss!

haihhhssss. mcm3 kann. i wrote this things with proofs nk bcoz im proud of i. but its bcoz i want to let everybody knows i dnt argue with people with no reason n of coz i dnt start it =)) so dont chop me KAKI GADOH eaaa. coz normally i just fight 4 my right n yes i wont shut up if u bullshitting me =))








and spit on your name.



Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated

Thursday, February 10, 2011

3simple ways suits me well and myb you

well im not anybody to talk regarding this 3steps but suka hati lah i feel like talking jugak. XD
i saw this on fb, my friend post it to her wall via blackberry u (ehem2) and after i get the approval from her (see the proof below) eheheeh sja kcaw u ed =p


ok now lemme talk bout this 1 by 1.

DO NOT CRAVE 4 RECOGNITION: for me, those who really wanna tell the world every good deed they have done is such an attention seeker! n those who really wanna b famous by using dirty ways are freakin pathetic! mcm contoh lah kn. this man, he wants to be president 4 english club, he bribe all the english member with lunch n so on. so everybody vote 4 him eventho he's not talented and obviously he's not honest and responsible by doing tht. u see. some people they can waste their money to other people just bcoz they want a name and respect. do you think its worth to be in this world just to please everyone? HELL NO. im the type who wont listen to anyone eventho my parent if i dnt like the thing they been bugging me. i have my own ways and my own decision. but somehow i stil need an opinion. honestly, i will never praise anyone if i dont mean it. so when i praise you, it really come from my heart. so accept it! i takkan sja2 puji org, "cntek or comel or whatsoever" if my eye says ugly. so bear with it okay! n 1 more thing, u dnt have to say something if u dnt mean it. ITU BOHONG NAMANYA! as i said x perlu kot nk perli semua org kt dunia ni. mst ada ja org bnci kt kita. its call human being!

DO NOT BE JEALOUS: yeppp! no matter how poor, ugly or no luck, dont be jealous to anyone. u will end up feeling unhappy 4 the resy of ur life. i tell u what. god has gave us life for everybody. its our destiny. i know we shud try harder in this life but if u already try everything but all turn to trash, just remember, myb ur after life is better. god is always fair. myb not now but later u will feel happiness. some people had a really good fortune in their life but doenst mean their after life is great. sometime we girls love sighs why we r not pretty like someone we saw at the street, magazine,fb... and wondering why we are not rich enough so that we can live in a mansion and go to LA while shopping in MILAN. oh come on. life is like a wheel. aite. some day u might be down low some day u might be on top. we never know =)) the more money u have the more problem u will face, and money not just will lead to fake friends but a better class enemy. as well as hot looking body and face, ppl will jealous u more and more. told u its very hard to please everyone in this world. i dont jealous with anyone but i adore em much. if we dont be grateful with what god has gave us, we dont deserve LIFE.

CHANGE YOURSELF ACCORDING TO THE ENVIRONMENT: its not about being hypocrite! come on. when u got urself into a village, will u be more graceful? no? yes? same as when u attend lectures, seminar, and formal event will u wear hot pants with hanging shirt? only insane people will do that. they way i go to the mall or chill out with friends is obviously diff when i go classes, normally to class ill wear sumthing comfy and neat but when i got out i prefer revealing cloth. i bet its normal 4 every other girl. we have to know how to put ourselves in any situation, place and time. it doesnt need a good brain to figure it out. COMMON SENSE =))

well it is just my very own opinion. no offence yeaa. thank you

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

25 random facts bout me =))

hehehe actually this is last time punya entry. i wrote bout forever21 bout me. but since sis aten tag me in her post entry. so im gonna tell the world 25facts bout me =))

1. i prefer to match than mix everything. imma type of gurl who will not wear more than 3 colours at a time. to class, mall or whatsoever, ill make sure of it. i prefer my handbag to b match with my heels or my blouse. even my earring ill make sure it matching with my attire.last tym my favourite color is black and white but now i can go with all colors but my dressing wont be colorful like u. only 3 colors! XD

2. i love to stare at hot/pretty/beautiful girl! yeahhhh. i adore em much! i will see em from head to toe. nice leg. big ass. curve body. perghhh! but normally when i go anywhere like mall or restaurant. my eyes will linger around to see those super fine chicks. n im happy when i smile at em n they smile at me back. i know it sounds lesby 4 u guys rite. hey im not lesbian n not even bisexual. i swear! im straight. n im wondering how can i be pretty like em. they r so irresistible! i dont envy em at all. i adore! however say no to...........

3. i cant resist foods. i eat a lot mannn. seriously the way i eat mengalahkn budak laki. i eat varieties of food. chinese ka. siamese ka. japanese ka. taiwanese ka. malaysian traditional cruisine ka. i kinda know lotsa place to eat. esp in penang, the food was awesome! but i cnt live if sehari tak mkn nasik. mcm mna pown i akan korek nasi gak. lauk kicap ngn teloq pown xpa. mmg perot melayu en. i cn spend lotsa money on foods. some ppl xska bazir duet kt mkn psai they said nnt berak kuaq blk apa kita mkn. they said rugi. but 4 me. i dnt mind tht. psai mkn i xksah. jnji puaihh. klaw p buffet, 20 org mcm i mmg bankrupt ah owner tuh. i eat like nobody's business. n i love to camwhore with fooooods! i really appreciate n thankful with every meal i consume. buuuuuurrrrrrrrppppppppp! Alhamdulillah =)

4. most of the tyme imma nocturnal. yeah like an owl. i sleep in this morning or after class. damn my body clock is crazayyy i told you. i feel hyper n awake at night. except when im real tired. i cn sleep up to 16hours when nobody wake me up. imma bad sleeper. dh la tdoq tendang org merata. i dnt sleep properly. stgi kaki i naek kt kepala org. tgn dok ataih perot i. pastu bila dpa cubit ka pa i bkn sedaq. syiokk jah tdoq. jatoh katil mmg slalu. psai tak reti tdoq dia. pusing sna sni. pastu jatoh. ouch!

5. imma left-handed. yeah i write with hand that i wash my shit. hahha geli en. hahha mmg dr kecik lgi my mom said ill handle everything with my left-hand even pegang sudu(kecik2 daa). tp tulisan i lawa oke. bkn i ckp tp ckgu2 n kwn2 yg ckp. makaseh. =p

this is my biology notes during matric last tym. i still keep every single of it! i loikkeeeeee!

6. im rough n love to curse around. well salah satu sebab i ni kasaq its bcoz myb org penang mmg kasaq. dgn cr kami ckp dh laaaaa. kasaq en? maw taw laaa. tp tak la suma kami tmbh "q" tuh. hat hmpa taktaw toksah lah mandai2 plak. stgi laen jdi. tak ka pelik. serious shit im not the type yg sopan, ayu. mmg taklaaa. aku nih bab hingaq pompang2 number 1 oke. tpi satu bnda x ley nk elak in myself is i love to curse n use the F word. bkn tym gadoh or maki org jaaa. tym biasa2 pown slalu jah guna. 4 me its my regular word. so u all jgn lah trasa hati oke

7. wa kaki gado punya olang. hahha wey actly i x kaki gadoh. tp rmai kta i daring n klaw ada gadoh2 pgl anis. mulot dia mmg x ley blahh. tudiaa aih. hahha actly im very kind with people cuma klaw org cr psai mmg sorry la derr. gua x dok diam laa. gua maki blk aaa. lu ckp 2 wa blas 20. boley? hahha gangster ngat aihh. haaa myb ikot prangai my mom kot. dia cm daring aaa. slalu klaw ada gadoh kt skolah ka apa dia cm bg ayat aa nk maki apa. supportive en. tp xdak lah smpa mak gua soh bakaq org ka apa. just jgn lebey2 suda. actly i xksah sgt org nk kata2 ka apa. cuma jgn kuang ajaq ckupp. i oke ngnorg tuh tapi klaw dia wat taek, cirit aku balaih. hahha busuk punya olang. mak i ckp i nih jnis tak ley org kata skit mula nk bebai XD

8. i respect those who respect me. yeahhhh. bab hormat org aku mmg terror. tak ksah lah u umuq 2thn kaa 70thn kaaa. ill respect u as long as u respect me. as i mention just now, jgn kurang ajaq. u talk shit then u will get hit. as simple as ABC. jgn aaa mndai2 nk ckp lebih kurang ngn aku. aku klaw dh bebai mmg pyh aaa nk oke. so u wanna talk shit bout me come n say it loud to my face. dnt talk behind my back. i oke jah klaw ada sapa2 nk kta tak puaih hati ka paa. bnda boley bncang. so x pyh nk kutok or kata blkg. we never know its true or not. apa2 deal with me. once u start messing up, i wont end it. serius ckp gua jenis x mkn saman.

9. i rabun n mata i silau2. yezza. power spec/lens 375 both side. while my astig is 200 both also. dh lah rabun pastu silau. sometimes even kwn lalu sebelah pown i tak prasan when i x pkai both spec or lens. sorry aaa bkn nk smbong x nk tegoq. mmg x nmpk wey. plg tension when in lecture terlupa bwk spec coz i tot its in my bag but rupanya xdak. even dok dpn skali pown its very hard 4 me to see even how hard i try to stare at theslide. BERSILAU aaaa. ppffftt~
wearing spec or contact lens. which 1 i look better? both sux. coz im ugly. *&(*&^%##@#$!

10. imma gooooooooooooood drama queen. hahha hat tuh rmai taw rs nya. i boley wat2 ngs tipu2. buat2 innocent. slalu nya jdik drama queen nih tym gado ngn bf. nk raeh simpati la. tp he knows me better. dia taw i pndai blakon. so kdg i merajok dia tak pujuk pown psai dia taw i dok wat merajok terok2 pdhai kt rumah i dok tgk movie lah. on9 laa. dia ada spy kt umah. my siblingsss. hahha ciss. so klaw sapa2 nk amek blakon pembantu ka smentara ka habaq lah kt cheq naaa. bahahahaah ada hati nk blakon. muka toya ckup.haaa

11. love to change hairstyle! yeahhh like every 6months(more or less). ill change my hair style. curl ka wave ka rebond ka color ka suma i like! heh! i tak ikot trend sgt so maen buat jah apa rs nk buat(ya ka?) klaw hbs duet 300 utk rmbut pown xpa jnji worth it. so far my favourite hair product is schwarzkopf.

12. i love to laugh n i love to joke around. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH LMAO! yeah saya suka gelak. gelak manyak kuat. guling2 sumaa. all my friend said i loqlaq (loyar buruk)... kdg tuh cr i melwak mmg kasaq. but well it just a joke. some ppl x reti nk melawak. but 4 me i ni terlebih melawak. i love anything hilarious. i ssh lah nk get piss saja2. klaw i mrh tuh mst ada sebab. imma playful type. ssh lah nk get emotional tiba2. n serious2 pown mcm tak reti sgt. hey laughing is da best medicine what!

13. im not shopaholic. yess i dnt shop randomly. i just buy what i need. im not brand conscious too. brg brand i pkai. even bundle pon i lyn kot! x pecaya sudaa! hat tak branded pon pkai. jnji i skaa. i prefer to buy sumthng cheap but look expensive. imma wise shopper. my bf n frens said i suka bazir n klaw p mall mmg bahaya. like wth. im not like tht. i look like i shopalot but actly NO. i dnt shop randomly. (myb?)

14. i dnt repeat my cloth in short period when i go out. yesss i hate to see myself in pictures with same cloth. my mom slalu mrh i coz once i dh pkai baju tuh, ill keep in plastic/paper bag. thts y i jarang bli baju yg mahal gila unless i really like it. coz mmg rugi aaa klaw bli mahal2 tp pkai skali. klaw dh lma sgt x pkai like 5-6months baru i pkai tp ngn muka x iklas. anak toke balak tak wat prangai mcm tuh.

15. imma shoe collector and earring collector. normally when i go to mall or any place yg ada juai2 nih, my eyes will linger more on shoe n earing. dr form 1 ska collect earing. n now i hv like 2boxes of earring. i love to wear earring match with my cloth. my cheapest earing is 50cent. hahha murah en. xpa jnji sukaa. n mostly my earring mmg murah2 tp bila suroh my friend teka, they will teka harga mahai2. n terkejot bila i habaq hrga sebenaq. i pierce 11 hole at my ear but i wear only 9 earing. while shoes. i love to collect varieties of brand n color. my size is 6-8. depend on brand. but average size 7 aaa. besaq en. haaaa.

masa ni i rombak kasot2 i. i throw away 12pairs i keep 27. x pecaya kira la hehehe yg kt lantai suma buang

16. i dnt smoke cigarette, i dnt drink alcoholic drinks, im virgin, i dnt go clubbing. but i love shisha! 4 me shisha is ntg as i tak penah telan asap shisha tuh. pelik right. i keep it my mouth n hmbus blk. im not pro shisha fella but i love to taste the flava of it. mcm relaxing aaa. even rmai kot convince me shisha is worse than cigarette. but as far as i concern, i ask my ustaz last tym he said shisha xdak apa. even middle east woman shisha-ing. in term of health, some said dangie some said ntg. ntah laaa.

17. I LOVE GOSSIPS. my god pompuan mna tak ska gossip? hahha but serious shit i love gossiping esp with my bitches. i cn pillow talk from late at night til early morning. sapa2 nk bergossip ajak lah i yaaa. hahha but dnt worry. if i know sumthng, i keep it between myself n those who know jaaa. i bkn jnis bwk mulot. plsss. imma gud listener too. i wont take advantage from wht i know. ur secret are safe with me. lotsa ppl refer to me when they got probs coz i will support em eventho its a bad thing. 4 me u hv right to decide whtever shit u want to do n as a friend, ill support yea. i wont gv advice but just an opinion which can help y'all.

18. this might sounds eeeuuuwwww but i prefer plucking then shaving. pkai tweezer. LOL. homaigoddd perlu ka bgtaw kt sni? hahaha just wanna share with u gurls. shaving armpit its kinda dangerous esp when u apply deodorant. the chemical will directly go to ur broobs which lead to breast cancer. n dont wear random deodorant which contain high percentage of aluminum. so i suggest u gurls to use, Amway deodorant-rm21 1 bottle. dnt ask me where to buy. im not dealer. slalu pown my mom yg bli. ehehh

19. i hv major skin problem. yeah my face full of pimples n scar weyy. dh la huduh tmbah plak ngn jerawat n pimples. aarrggghhh! i use sooooo many skin products n met lotsa dermatologist. but ntg worst. even rawatan resdung pown dh buat. hahha gilaa lah. duet kt skin care jah dh habeih byk n mcm2 antibiotic dh amek. ntg works. i dnt knw i inherit whose problem as my parent both hv fine skin. so sapa2 nk suggest apa yg berkesan just lemme know. i surely try...... thanx! tgk gmbq mmg lah elok psai camera tricks la edit la. cuba tgk dpn2, hantu pown lari wey tgk aku. sumpah tak tipu. dlu i ska make up. mcm x jga sgt muka. tak pakai moisturizer apa suma truih boh foundation. la ni mmg malaih dh nk make up. jarang gila2. i biaq natural. org nk kta buruk ka apa sokay i dnt mind. i prefer that way dr make up tebai2 skali bla remove make up x lawa mna pown.

20. i hate to do house worksss. seriously basoh baju ka. lipat kaen la. sidai kaen ka. masak2 ka(except tym dh kebuloq sgt n xley p kdai psai dh lewat). kemas2 brg ka apa ka. tak minat lgsg weyyy. my mom slalu ckp pompuan blajaq p tggi mana tp klaw x pndai wat keja rumah mmg xpyah la jd pompuan. errr. bkn psai i malas la. oke mmg malas. tp bnda klaw dh tak minat mmg xkn buat laa. jerit tempik la mcm mna pown, stil TAKMAW BUAT. haaa prangai terok kn. "pa nk jdi anak dara nih" laalallaallaalalalal~ so kpd my bf, pikiaq 40kali naa klaw nk buat bini. kahkahkahkahkahkahkah.

21. i paling meluat org ska berlgak, bajet up and perasan cantek! sumpah meluat gila! i prefer gurls manja then mengada-ngada! manja laen taw. gurls jnis sweet2 comel2 tuh xpa taw tp klaw hat jnis mengada gedik tuh sumpah tak ley pndg wey. mmg aaa normal gurls suma gediks but at least gedik among gurls oke taw tp klaw gedik kt boys mmg aku rs nk bg kaki! pastu jnis hat bajet up tuh lgi tak ley blah. hat jnis suka wat gang n plih org klaw nk kwn. mcm nk jnis famous2 hot2 jaa. org biasa dia xnk kwn. wey come on la. we live in big community, klaw nk pilih2 org ang p dok dlm gua aaaa. n lgi satu org blagak sumpah aku rs nk flying kick. sometimes sapa dok blagak ngn i, i akn sarcastic gila2. n berlagak blk bnda yg tak logic smp dia pk btoi ka apa i ckp ni. haaa nk bg org tuh rs blk how i feel when dia blgak blk. mana aci kau sorang jah nk blagak en. bahahaha wtf.

22. i love babies and kids but not 4 myself! hehehehh yeahhh i mmg ska budak2 esp baby. tp suka waktu dey all baek n comey2. msa dok nangis ka berak ka pa xpa la xmaw maen dah. hahha thts y i mcm x maw anak jah bila kawen, i dnt like commitment. and i dnt think so i can be a good mom. surely anak2 aku gila mia dpt mak mcm ni hahha. lol idk. xmaw ckp psai kawen! geliii gelimat.

23. imma outdoor girl! oh yess sy sgt x suka duduk kt rumah. for me rumah adalah tmpt utk tidoq sahaja. bahahahaha. mak aku bc ni mmpus kna ketok. lol. come on. imma teenager ok. i know there is some teenager yg x ska keluaq rumah. yg prefer dok berkurung kt rumah. hell no its not me ok. i had a boyfriend. so mst lah suka dating! bahahahaah dpt lepak kt mamak ka gerai pon jdi la. dpt kuaq 1meter dri rumah pon jdi la. kdg tuh i pi mall dgn x bwk duet. slumber ja jln2 buat muka byk duet masok kdai itu ini. try naju kt fitting room. agak2 kalaw org kdai tuh taw aku x bwk duet mst awal2 kna halau kn. omg buruk nya prangai haha. i td dok nk pilih2 la gmbaq apa nk bubuh. tpi tudiaa i got 90++ album in my facebook account. mmg mmpos lah nk pilih gmbaq. u guys pi tgk sndri n sndri pkir la hahha

24. family first. ho yeahh mmg sy slalu gadoh dgn siblings saya its like,Only I can fight with my sibling, you lay a finger on him/her and you die! so hampa jgn pndai2 nk carik psai ngn family aku. aku mmg protective gila. even kadang mak aku cam leh sabaq lgi tp aku tak. aku klaw dpt taw apa2 org buat taik or kta kt family aku, mmg smp skg aku akan buat muka org tuh lps aku dh sound org tuh.mmg aku nmpk ja mcm x caring. tp u guys just dont know the truth. i dnt mind do anything 4 my family. as well as my bf. bf aku tuh dh mcm family aku. he's also protective towards my family. he care enough 4 us. and we just dont need idiot like you to disturb us. we have our own ways. I LOVE MY FAMILY! MY BIG HAPPY FAMILY! i had two older brother, 3 younger brother, 2 younger sister. including me, we are 8! plus parent = 10 ;)

25. OK this is the last fact. must be a bit special! heheeh last but not least, 1 of the fact tht already in my soul is I LOVE TO RIDE AND I LOVE SUPERBIKE! hell yeahhhh.... i love the speed of superbike. thts y klaw bf aku bwk moto slow2 sah2 aku tdoq! lol. normally dia ride mna jah or TTS kt mna ja mst i ikot. kdg tuh i nk bg dia chance ride sorang tp dia nk jugakk bwk i. dia ckp boring klaw xbwk i ride. alololololo sweet. even kt moto dia ada nma i ok! heheeh i x mntak nk ltak but he put it ok. since 4years im with him dia dh pkai 3 moto besaq.
1st-suzuki gsxr 400cc *lupa nama*
2nd-kawasaki z750 (75occ) (naked bike)
3rd-suzuki gsxr 1000cc k8
haaaa hmpir stiap tahun he change his bike. i bet dia cpt boring. daddy dia plak best, support ja dia nk tukaq moto. he's dad also love sb. so green light jah!

mmg best lah wey naek moto besaq. mmg ah kna tonggek sket tp sumpah style gilaa! hahha i have my own jacket (alpinestar),helmet (arai beb),boots,glove. its all 4 protection. even skg i collect byk singlet coz naek moto xkn pkai dress blouse kot. tp kan saya slalu kna mrh ngn bf coz msa dia kona i over! i turun dlu. dia cakap bahaya T____T dh jdi tak takot taw dak. syg punya psal lah nii. dok bwk 180-230km/h sgt!

nnt i dh keja mmg i nk bli my very own superbike! for now mmg minat gila kt ducati 1198! perghh! mahai nk mmpuih! mcm mna nii. kna bukak mcm2 business bru leh bli. haishhh. tp dpt pkai moto biasa2 dlu pon jdi laa. at least i got 1! i mmg nk bli satu. my parent nk stju ka tak naseb aaa. i want it when i dh keja using my very own money!

ok thts all! i think dh cukup pnjg kot entry ni heheheeheh bubyeeeee