Friday, October 30, 2009

suNway pyrmd! im cOming!

hahha. today i woke up at 1pm. tuh kra awl laa.

i lunched. nenek msk. she's vey fussy til didnt let her maid cook 4 main dishes.

i phoned ACUTABOVE to do apoinment 4 rebonding........ but engage all the time. about 7times ok. n im giving up. so at 3pm i went to pyrmd. i dnt wear revealing cloth today coz all 1 want to do is to pampered my hair at salon. jz wanna do rebonding. no shopping. no lepaking. so i jz wear knee length black cotton legging with loose grey shirt witout any additional accessories n also black wedges. n i jz bring my purse. thjts all.

its gud to c my 2nd home again afta about 2months. n a few new shops such as COTTON ON which jz open today. wtf? so i lah yg rasmi td........... hahha. n JASPAL sumthng. ISLAND sumthng. n a few at asian avenue.eventho i straight away go to tht ACUTABOVE, i cnt stop my eyes mingle around looking at at the shops.

okayh back to my only mission to go pyrmd. nk wat rebonding laaa. hummmmmmm. frustrated.
all appointment full. only have on monday at 11am. sunday n saturday they xbukak. adoi... dh la this monday i hv to go vacations 4 3days 2nites with my gurlfrens at PORT DICKSON, ilham beach resort. we hv been planning ths b4 our semester break.... hurm...... how? idk.

okayh since i cnt do ma hair today..........i stil hv plenty of times to look around my 2nd home... jz look around oke. window shopping. thts it.. anis ,u r really sucks in promising urself huh. so from 330pm til 7pm, for god knws wht reason, ive bought sumthing 4 myself. jz 4 myself

red colour synthetic leather handbag from MNG-rm199
oversize sunnies from COTTON ON-rm50
silver colour earings from FOREVER 21-rm9+rm15

total amount of spending for today=rm273

4 the conclusion, duet nk wat rebonding sudah hbs. penat 2bln kumpul ikat perut. nk kumpul punya seksa. tym hbs, sat jaaa. hell yeah. pdn muka! so my appointment on monday seems hv to be cncel. n 4 2nd smester, my hair will b very ugly. pkai tdung laaa jwbnya.
ey chill laaa. i pkai tdung bkn nk menunjuk rmbut. so jgn hipokrit. if nk pkai tdung, must sincere, not bcoz ur hair is uglayh silayh.

at 7pm cmtuh smp rumah. mndi. mkn. on9. tgk the nanny at 12pm,wjb. same routine goes.....