Monday, October 26, 2009

MAID of HOnour


today i suppose to be maid of honour of my mom's bff's nephew wedding.... phm ark? mak i punya kwn baek punya ank menakan. ok?

we knw each other dh lma da. even her siblings n nephew pown i knai dh lmaa... since i darjah 5 kot. ehhe.

but i went there LATE! bcoz y? bgn lmbt daaa.... daddy punya psal lah nih. psang movie left 4 dead kt i mlm td..... n satu lagu horror movie x igt nma... nwadays my nite life is watching DVD or on9. no more studying at the moment coz im having 3weeks sem break maa... lgpown nk study apa. next sem suma pkai buku baru.

ok. bout the wedding party. yest i went to the gurl's side. at her hse at sbrang jaya. i followed my mom's bff go there. help her touch up the bride. tht gurl is Siamese. same like my grandma n my mom. kra i nih mekong2 lah gak en. at the knduri we mkn2 then chow. lauk kenduri tuh sgt sdap. mskn kmpg mmg the best laaaa.

the next day which is sunday 25th oct, the day i suppose to be maid of honour tuh.......... i bgn lmbt. so i arrive tht kenduri at 2pm sumthng..... the brides pown dh b'snding...... xpa. xdak rezeki. lgpown dh slalu jd pengapit nih. org kta sapa slalu jd pengapit nnt dia lmbt khwen? bgs laaa. amin~ hahha. if jd ank dara tua pown i xksah kot. jnji i nk ada stable n gud career.

tht kenduri was held at the dewan perda.... coz the guy's side live sumwhere in BM.
wat kt dwn cm sng kn. catering ada. kalaw umah mst ssh sket nk kna kemaih2. hahha. malaih sgguh aku nih.

k laaa. malas nk creta pnjg.... so here of sum the picsss.........