Thursday, July 30, 2009

lmbt post daaaa.... but its never to late ryte? whtever lah.

date: 26/07/2009

venue: TARBUSH restaurant, Batu Feringghi

reason: celebrate bday syg, 24th!

wishes: together2 forever n love u so much n need u always!

wE belong toGether....

as i mentioned in previous blog tht i kalut2 blk from bandar sunway to my hometown coz faiz involved in accident... i felt so guilty bcoz ths happen to him as he so tension im not with him nymore.... he always gone crazy wit his sbike when we is the strory: on the way to konvoi bikers to perlis, got 1 stupid car suddenly slow down at Sg Puyu highway n faiz hit it.. ya lah dh tgh laju2 bwk sbike dia... xkn bw 60 jea kt highway.... then he jatoh guling2... his sbike's tank smp pcah... n thnk god he jz calar2 coz he wear full suit (pading jacket,glove,boot) n xpth anythng! i guess so bcoz he dnt even went to clinic or hosp... kalaw ada pth2 or retak all tht idk... dh la he accident 1day b4 his birthday! going 24years old!!

as i go back from kl, i trus p jmpa him n mntak maaf n promise will never leave him again n wont hurt him anymore! actly aku yg ntah pa2 p mntak break n xcntct dia dh 4 a few weeks..... im the bad one....i ignore him 4 jz stupid thought.... but he never gv up calling n messaging me! omg im so bad! but eventho we break 4 while, my loyalty never chnges..... i stil the gud gurl.... loyal oke! coz i mmg xdak niat lgsg nk cr sum1 to replace him cuma need tym n space to be alone 4 while... myb coz mid sem exam jz around the corner tht tym! i cnt think properly n i terlmpaw ikot prasaan!

to my dearest sygg.... if u read this... i jz want to knw tht i really love u n need u in my life... i know i always hurt u n degil gilak ckp u tp i syg u sgt2... cuma i cnt cntrol myself n emotion.. im so useless n such a troublemaker..... we love each other so much n i hope we will be together 4ever as wht we wish... syg im so sorry 4 all the sin hv done to u.... u sacrifice n treat me so damn good. i should i understand u dear...... i will never 4get everythng we gone thru... since the 1st i saw u n u saw me n we became lover, u cheer my life darl.. u meant so much to me..

~i'm GoNna be With U~