Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i hate this part. im taking back my love. heartless, i dOnt need a Man. single ladies. you r not alone!

hey..... hell yeah. im single? yeah fuck it. thts the word. i know i ask 4 it but everything went up and down since im in matric? is it bcoz of our long distance relationship? i swear i am so a loyal stupid bitch who dont even talk to any guys and even worse i dont know any guys name even my classmates.. i jz dnt gv a damn about man even rmai gak ajak date lah.. mntak num lah... askg lame question... n i dont care at all! i jz dnt care about them! but shit. he dont apriciate tht. farkov! u cant b like me so i let u go dude............. u so fucking shit! u dont deserve me. u hell.

nw im alone n gud gurl gone bad? naah. im not stupid okayh... i will focus on my matric n get 4flat! i will try my best! i dont need man to guide me... i lead my own way.. coz i hv my own path! i didnt dumb u but u make me do it loser. 1week i alive n breathe without u fuckass......... thnx 4evrtyhng! u moron!

owh yea. myb we used to be da most lovey dovey couple in da universe but shit nw i feel nothing to u.. i swear! our love is not exist anymore dude..... no more.

"don't need a man to make it happen
I get off being freeI don't need a man to make me feel good
I get off doing my thingI don't need a ring around my finger
To make me feel completeSo let me break it down
I can get off when you ain't around
I don't need a man, I don't I don't need a man
I'll get me through'
Cause I know I'm fine I feel brand new
I don't need a man,
I don't need a man
I'll make it through
'Cause I know I'm fine Without you!"

"Since you been gone I can breathe for the first time I'm so movin' on, yeah, yeahThanks to you, now I get, I get what I wantSince you been gone"

"So, So what I'm still a rock star I got my rock moves And I don't need you And guess what I'm havin more fun And now that were done I'm gonna show you tonight I'm alright I'm just fine And you're a tool soSo what I am a rock star I got my rock moves And I don't want you tonight"

"And it's a little late for conversations
There isn't anything for you to say
And my eye's hurt, hand's shiver,
So look at me and listen to me because
I don't want too, stay another minute

I don't want you, to say a single word
Hush, hush, hush, hush
There is no other way, i get the final say because,
I don't want too, do this any longer I don't want you,
there's nothing left to sayHush, hush, hush, hush
I've already spoken, our love is broken
Baby hush, hush
I never needed your corrections

On everything from how i act to what i say
I never needed wordsI never needed hurts
I never needed you to be there everyday
I'm sorry for the way i let go

From everything i wanted when you came along
But i'm never beaten from broken up defeats
I know next to you is not where i belong"