Thursday, February 10, 2011

3simple ways suits me well and myb you

well im not anybody to talk regarding this 3steps but suka hati lah i feel like talking jugak. XD
i saw this on fb, my friend post it to her wall via blackberry u (ehem2) and after i get the approval from her (see the proof below) eheheeh sja kcaw u ed =p


ok now lemme talk bout this 1 by 1.

DO NOT CRAVE 4 RECOGNITION: for me, those who really wanna tell the world every good deed they have done is such an attention seeker! n those who really wanna b famous by using dirty ways are freakin pathetic! mcm contoh lah kn. this man, he wants to be president 4 english club, he bribe all the english member with lunch n so on. so everybody vote 4 him eventho he's not talented and obviously he's not honest and responsible by doing tht. u see. some people they can waste their money to other people just bcoz they want a name and respect. do you think its worth to be in this world just to please everyone? HELL NO. im the type who wont listen to anyone eventho my parent if i dnt like the thing they been bugging me. i have my own ways and my own decision. but somehow i stil need an opinion. honestly, i will never praise anyone if i dont mean it. so when i praise you, it really come from my heart. so accept it! i takkan sja2 puji org, "cntek or comel or whatsoever" if my eye says ugly. so bear with it okay! n 1 more thing, u dnt have to say something if u dnt mean it. ITU BOHONG NAMANYA! as i said x perlu kot nk perli semua org kt dunia ni. mst ada ja org bnci kt kita. its call human being!

DO NOT BE JEALOUS: yeppp! no matter how poor, ugly or no luck, dont be jealous to anyone. u will end up feeling unhappy 4 the resy of ur life. i tell u what. god has gave us life for everybody. its our destiny. i know we shud try harder in this life but if u already try everything but all turn to trash, just remember, myb ur after life is better. god is always fair. myb not now but later u will feel happiness. some people had a really good fortune in their life but doenst mean their after life is great. sometime we girls love sighs why we r not pretty like someone we saw at the street, magazine,fb... and wondering why we are not rich enough so that we can live in a mansion and go to LA while shopping in MILAN. oh come on. life is like a wheel. aite. some day u might be down low some day u might be on top. we never know =)) the more money u have the more problem u will face, and money not just will lead to fake friends but a better class enemy. as well as hot looking body and face, ppl will jealous u more and more. told u its very hard to please everyone in this world. i dont jealous with anyone but i adore em much. if we dont be grateful with what god has gave us, we dont deserve LIFE.

CHANGE YOURSELF ACCORDING TO THE ENVIRONMENT: its not about being hypocrite! come on. when u got urself into a village, will u be more graceful? no? yes? same as when u attend lectures, seminar, and formal event will u wear hot pants with hanging shirt? only insane people will do that. they way i go to the mall or chill out with friends is obviously diff when i go classes, normally to class ill wear sumthing comfy and neat but when i got out i prefer revealing cloth. i bet its normal 4 every other girl. we have to know how to put ourselves in any situation, place and time. it doesnt need a good brain to figure it out. COMMON SENSE =))

well it is just my very own opinion. no offence yeaa. thank you