Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ELC rOck!!

hello people!!!

its been awhile i didn't update my beloved blog aite......

busy wit 2nd smester..... assignment, research n bla3x....

but nw i wanna share sumthing wit u guyssss...

bout ENGLISH LANGUAGE CAMP i went on 19th til 20th Nov which is last thursday until saturday... at pendang lake resort...... stil at kedah...

on the day we nk bertolakkk.. my lecturer perli me "is it the smallest back u cn find?" HAHHA. my bag is the biggest n my frens keep on saying i nk p wat umrah kaaa... or nk dok kt pendang sbulan? hahha. whtever. u know me!

im so happy n enjoy my day overthere! explorace...write 4 laugh( toink thief)..talentime ( malaysian got talent!) hell funny.... n many more...

the foods r great too......(best part okay)

all lecturers r so cool n funny! we had our best moment there.... with 120 kmk's student....

i was in group 7, wit name the SEVEN ELEVEN..... cool name huh as our group consist of 11 ppl....

Our jingles are:

7-11 hot to go
hot to go
hot to go

its ok
its alright
7-11 fight fight fight!!!

my cheers;-

we dont sell slurpee
we dont feel sleepy
of coz we hippies
but where r we?
we're in ELC!!!
ho yeah??!!

i slept at dorm ALPHA 1..... dorm... at 1st i tot chalet. but tht 1 jz 4 lect. wink~

our group won best presentation...... n im proud coz im 1 of the presenter! hahha! best third group among 10 group..... but this 1 seems not fair coz i always late 4 the activities..... as i have difficulties in waking up early in the morning.... 4 god knows wht reason. kuat tdoq+pemalas!! however i xpnh late 4 kuliah at least 4 more than 15min. lol.

1 of my bff-ika went there too. =)

so lets check out sum photos taken!


enyheartsdiamond said...

u roxx hunnn!

MiSs aNySs said...

hah? no laaa eny sygg.

Syahir Darksyde said...

d jingle n cheers, luv it. sangat comel

MiSs aNySs said...

hahha. mapooo ja tuh.