Thursday, October 29, 2009

here i AM

yo peeps! i jz arrived to bandar sunway this evening...........

went here from penang by bus, then lrt then commuter then bus again... tired.

in the bus, i jz spend my time watching twilight n max payne. lame gilak i br nk tgk. hahha. actly i dnt like teenager's love movie.. i prefer sumthing in actions...horror n comedy. my fav movie 4 nw are GI jOE n the talking of pelham 123 n also fast n furious. vin diesel u r killing me! damn! y u r sooooo fuckg hot! there's sumbody in m'sia looks like him? oh pls! i want u! anissssssssssss.... stop berangan ok.

ok lets cntinue. as i b'tolak from penang sentral aka jeti at 9am...... i arrive kl sentral about 330pm. had my lunch at subway...... i cnt eat to much. coz this morning im hvg diarhea(do i spell rite? wteva) in the bus, i got ask the driver to stop coz i want..... u got wht i mean. afta lunch, direct went to my grandma hse. at PJS 9/20 bndar sunway....

skema kn aku? msti laaaa

konon wat suprise laa kn. then nenek cm bsing i dtg senyap2..... dia risaw. ala relax ar nek....... kl ja pown... pdahai hr tuh dh sesat skali. maloooo. hahha

so i met my beloved young cousinss.. two of them. they r having exam rite nw but muka xstress lgsg! boys2. as i chit chat wit ma nanny... she told me about grandpaa. i knw she's been missing him so much.... aku plak yg emo cm nk ngs. my grandpa so rock. he the 1 who buy 4 me nail color n make up stuff since i am 5years old... im his 1st grandaughter. i do miss u also Wan!

then when my grandma had her dinner prepared by her maid, i took my bath..... then i heard my pakngah called nenek.. tya khbr sumthng. then nenek told him im here. then he invite me to his hse at johor.... thnx pkngah 4 inviting... next tym ok. i do miss pkngah's fam also. they r very nice to me nt like my 1st uncle n aunt. blagak gila ok. n sgt garang lah konon. yeah perfect fam u guys huh.?

okayh cut the crap...... my weight! i lost 4kg n im underweight rite nw! mom ask me to put on weight. i hv tried but i dnt feel like eating...... but luckly in my grandma's freeze, there's a moist choc+toffee cake! so delicious! but i took slice n im full. wht is wrong wit me? c'mon......... i dnt want end up dying lack of foods n nutritions. hell wit it.

afta gossiping wit my cuzie...... so-called-exaggerate-gossips n look 4 his blogshop web. omg he is so creative n his sense of fashion is WOW. u knw whts his ambition? wanna stdy at new york but grad at paris? dude. ill always support u.

ok then all i hv to do nw enjoy my last2 tym of hol b4 i go back to kmk 4 2nd sem.............. whtever it is, sunway pyrmd im coming tomoro!