Wednesday, December 15, 2010

im not lying!

okay now im going to answer this questionnaire which i got if from kak nadia's blog.
i think its kinda interesting! but im not being tagged for it tho =.=

Instruction : Once you are tagged , answer all the questions honestly . No lying or cheating :D

Starting time : 6.32AM *bgn awal kn i? tak tdo lgi duhh*

Name : Norhazatul Anis Binti Norzalee *sebjik dlm ic oke*

Brother(s) : 5. 2oldest.(abg fifi and abg jan) 3youngest.(shah, ajoy and ekai)

Eye colour :brown! my dad's gene eventho not tht brown when im inherit it T________T

Shoe size : 7/8. besaq en?

Hair : medium length.

Piercings : 11holes. but wear only 9holes

What are you wearing right now : my grandma's maid tracksuit and my sister's tshirt. XD

Where do you live : taman wira, telok ayaq tawaq, butterworth!

Favourite number : 1,7,17

Favourite drink : lime juice. *potong lemak*

Favourite breakfast : nasik lemak and roti canai! *slalu nk dua2. sukaaaa!*


Broken a bone : not yet =p

Been in a police car : not yet =p

Fallen for a friend : hurmm. not sure.

Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : sometimes kot?

Swam in the ocean : yes. *swim lah sgt*

Fallen asleep in school : almost everyday. LOL

Broken someone's heart : not tht kind of gurl. coz i dnt know how and i dont dare.

Cried when someone died : depends. LOL

Save e-mails : yeahhh. always. got 3 folder. *works. entertainment and anyss*

Been cheated on : yup. once for now. hate him like hell. will forget it but not forgive *evil grind =)


Your room look like : tongkang pecah. sumpah semak wey!

What is right beside you : my cousin.

What is the last thing you ate : nasik lemak at RNR Tapah. bley tahan sdap aaa. rugi bli satu =.=


Who did you last yell at? : i always yell duhh

Who was the last person you danced with? : dance mcm mna?? dance merapu ada la with bff nadi and eny! check out here!

Who last made you smile : dont know


What are you listening to right now? : nothing

What did you do today? : wake up at 230pm. then online until my bf come see me at 730pm. 630pm visit my neighbor and at 9pm went to KL

Are you the oldest : 3 over 8

Indoors or outdoors : both but more to outdoors lah for sure!


Talk to someone you like? : yeppp

Kiss anyone? : nooooo

Sing? : tiap saat

Talk to an ex? : hell no

Miss someone : kindaa

Eat? : of coz derr


You talked to on the phone? : my bf. around 845pm

Made you cry? : haaa my bf ler

You went to the mall with? : bff. eny and nadia again

Who cheered you up? : lotsss


Been to Mexico? : tak

Been to USA? : tak


Have a crush on someone : damn! msti la

What books are you reading right now? : facebook. lol

Best feeling in the world : the 1 i crush on talk to me! and when sum1 made me laugh

Future kids name? : eleanor and norafrinafri

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? : never ever!

What's under your bed? : x pnh check pon =.=

Favourite sport(s) : none

Favourite place : malls. hahha esp in bb!

Who do you really hate? : ihsan ismie and affie mustaffa

Do you have a job? : jobless

What time is it now? : 710AM. *while fb i did this*