Friday, October 22, 2010

useless day ever!

oke lets start with what tym i woke up today. 12pm? NOOO. 3pm? also wrong. well its 6PM okay. i know its late 4 anak dara like me, but WHO CARES?

i sleep after the dawn yesterday. nocturnal=me. my body clock gettin worst n worst. damn it.
yesterday i cant sleep. very2 hungry. so i make a SUPPER.

my home made supper just now. hangit sausage barbeque sauce+french fries with mayonnaise and half cook double egg

nk masak ni pown berejam even goreng2 jaa. coz cari ni tak jmpa tuh x jmpa. my mom dh tdoq. my dad dok pulon maen game. so i dok merapu kt dapoq sorang2. dapoq agk berasap mula2 psai lupa bukak smoke absorber tuh. ehhe naseb baek tak terbakaq umah. klaw dak mmg taktaw laaa.

so i eat my so called supper (padahai its 4am) smbil tgk dvd creta OLD SCHOOL. kinda broing. coz i only go for action mission movies. then i on9 kejapp. update blog n trying to sleep. ZZZZzzzzzzzzz

____ __ __ _ _ _ _ _ _____________ _ _ _ _ _ _ ________________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______________

ehem2. after 12hoursss. i awake! damn 6pm. hahha hebat gila kn. tu pown terjaga bcoz my lil sis suddenly cry 4 mommy. annoying rs mcm nk sepak. kcaw org tdoq. hehe pastu i get out from my room n see my mom is watching tv. she look at me without a word. yesss tak kna marah! muahahahaahah

then i go to my lil bro's room to get my lappy. n apa lgi, on9 aaaa. dgn x mndi. mmg bau eeeeuuuuwwww~ hahha perot bunyik2 tp malas nk mkn n mls nk mndi. so on9 lah smp peloh2 ni. busukkkkkkk kn prangai. ha
hha lps mndi trus p dapoq cr mkn.

wahhhh hari ni i tak kuaq rumah lgsg! dating pown tak! hebat gila mcm tak pecaya kot! its like whts the point i blk kn kn? 4 being sleeping ugly? myb

dinner for tonight. simple. plain rice with spicy fried chicken with thousand island.

mcm mna pown kena mkn nasik jugak. sehari tak mkn nasi mmg ley kna sawan babi. hahha serious wey perot i perot melayu. i cnt live wtihout rice tho....

n then lps mkn. on9 sjaaaa. facebook all day long. sumpah bosan. my whole families watching piranha. but i didnt join. mcm xdak mood plak. so until now dok mengadap lappy. ughhh. dh la x bwk blk spec. spec yg kt rumah p mna taktaw. hmmm oke lah i think i wanna go 7e 4 a while to get chocolate wasted or myb ice cream! bubye fellas!

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