Wednesday, April 7, 2010


ok 1st of all.....

lma gila x blog.

n tiba2 i rs nk blog.

some more exam week.....

im done with biology paper just nw. paper 2 sturcture question mcm kimak ja. confusing n babi gila. mmg nk carut puas2.

yesterday english is fun! enjoy ja jwb essay.. merapu smp 4page.

tomoro got no exam (lega wei)

but friday math paper 1. i love math compare to other subjects. i rather calculate so many things from reading n mesmerizing. tp x lah pndai or score pown. cuma suka ja...


im so scared lah with this damn psmp.. sumpah xmaw repeat wei. dh la i heard those who kna repeat xdpt elaun dh. lg la cheq xmaw.

btw i hv good news! my cocuricullar mark is 91.7/100! hoho xyah rsaw dh. konon active gila lah kn.

im suppose to do math nw tp mcm malas lah pulak (pastu xley jwb exam menyesal)...

owh yea its near 1pm ady. my bitchess waiting 4 me 4 lunch! i gtg! bubye!

p/s:xyah lyn im mumbling sorg2 ja nih0


izyan said...

all the best tao anis ..
tape2 . dah usaha dear . skang tawakal .. :)

MiSs aNySs said...

tu la. dh lma tawakal nih. hahha